The New Axis Of Evil: The Fruit Of Obama’s Cowardice.

Our nation reels from the economic and fiscal disasters created by Barack Hussein Obama’s Marxist redistributionist agenda. Unemployment reaches new heights as the government ‘stimulus’ programs record failure after failure, while at the same time Obama claims three million jobs created or ‘saved’, even as private sector economists show incontrovertible proof that well over four million jobs have been lost since the Anointed One took office.

Obama’s supporters are falling away like autumn leaves in a brisk wind. His lying prevarication hasn’t been lost on the world stage either. His limp-wristed pandering to countries who, if not our sworn enemies, are anxious to see us diminished… in which endeavor Barack Hussein is only too happy to oblige.

Obama’s unconscionable treatment of our allies, and his bullying of countries whose stand against totalitarianism has been nothing less than heroic, also has not gone unremarked. Little Honduras stands like a giant beside Obama’s treachery. Now, the fruits of his labors are coming to bear. The undoing of many a would-be tyrant has come by the unintended consequences of his own machinations.

Barack Obama’s weakness has spawned what has become the 21st century axis of evil. What passes for foreign policy in Obama’s DeMarxist administration has wedded two disparate, but equally evil, philosophies. The increasingly paranoid and unstable communist North Korea has threatened nuclear war against democratic South Korea and the US forces currently in joint military exercises.

Radical socialist (communist) Venezuela, under the Benito Mussolini look-alike thug Hugo Chavez, is currently ginning up a war with neighboring Colombia, a long time ally of the United States. In addition, Chavez is actively harboring and supporting international terrorism at the behest of the other members of the evil alliance, Iran and Syria. That radical socialism and extreme sharia would soon be at each others throats seems to have fallen by the wayside during this marriage of convenience.

Iran’s dash to obtain nuclear weapons and the constant drumbeat of threats against the State of Israel has been enabled by Barack Obama’s perfidy and treachery towards one of our staunchest allies. This has emboldened not only the schizoid radical islamists of Iran, but the normally timid Bashar Assad of Syria has been encouraged to new heights of military adventurism through its ally in Lebanon, Hizballah, a creation and tool of Iran.

Obama may find that he has sown the wind. But it is we, the free peoples of the world, that will have to deal with the whirlwind. Israel does not want to be seen as the country who initiates what is sure to be at least a regional conflict, but it may not have any other choices. They know, as I do, that Obama is a pathological liar and an extreme ideological Marxist.

They may soon come to the realization that, Obama and his leftist State Department’s admonitions and threats notwithstanding, they will have to go it alone against Iran before it is too late.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010