Another Week Of Washington Freak Shows.

Ladies and gentlemen, we call your attention to the center ring. The daring young man and his spectacular apologetics, fresh from several world tours, has unveiled his domestic groveling to a ‘sista’ who had been grossly misunderstood by officials of her own Agriculture Department and White House apparatchiks, whose zeal for glossing over reverse-racial incidents against the white majority in the country had finally jumped out and bit them. Not since Barack Obama’s pathetic groveling in front of ‘Old Mexico’s’ third-world president have we seen a performance this lame.

Hillary Clinton with Robert Gates and South Korean Ministers in Seoul.

The Barack Obama traveling freak show is putting on a strong performance of threatening North Korea with ‘sanctions’, and Hillary Clinton’s stern admonitions have scared them so badly that they’ve threatened nuclear war. Not only that, but Her Hillaryness has launched an assault force of diplomatic types on Iraq that are sure to terrify the enemy in waiting there. Of course, we’ll have to keep a brigade or so of American combat troops handy to protect their lame posteriors, but that’s what you get when ‘you speak weakness to power’… our weakness, their power. Hillary Clinton is showing herself to be exactly what she is… inept.

Meanwhile, John (Swiftboat) Kerry, who voted yes on every tax measure to come before the Senate on his watch, is cheating the State of Massachusetts out of 437,500 dollars in sales taxes and an additional 70,000 dollars in annual excise duties on the purchase of his new seven million dollar, seventy-six foot sloop, by beating it out of Massachusetts to Rhode Island, which repealed its boat sales and use tax in 1993. Maybe Mama Theresa Heinz pulled the strings on her purse closed.

This is the same John Kerry that’s petitioning the White House to grant a blanket amnesty to all Guatemalan illegals in this country… surprise. Smacks of his private negotiations with his Communist handlers during the Vietnam war, just prior to selling out his brothers in arms. John likes ‘secret’ negotiations. This is the same John Kerry that is ‘negotiating’ to tax the very life out of you, the American people.

Vice President Joe (shoe leather) Biden, the greatest tactical genius of our time (remember his clever proposal to divide Iraq into three countries?) has said “We’re done for the year”, as the rest of the country heaves a huge sigh of relief.

The country has descended into a 1.47 trillion dollar deficit for this year alone, even as the economy lurches and staggers closer to a double dip ‘recession’ and unemployment numbers soar. Barack Hussein Obama and his Demarxist clown college tout ‘green jobs‘ that only cost taxpayers $500,000 per job, while they spent twenty three million dollars on signs glorifying pothole-filling temporary jobs.

The march to November goes on. The closer it comes, the more virulent and dangerous the Marxists will become… possibly at their most dangerous, as even their own polling is starting to undeniably point to historic losses in the November elections. A lame duck DeMarxist Congress, populated by men and women of no principle or scruples, with absolutely nothing to lose between November 2 and January 1, 2011, could do incalculable harm.

Charles Krauthammer, whom I greatly admire, said in his article today that he didn’t think Democrats and Rinos on their way out would do such a thing. He feels that they are more principled than that. Geez, Charles… I don’t know.
From your lips to God’s ears, and I do so hope he has the volume turned up.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010