NRA Backing (Dingy) Harry Reid?!! Members, Revolt!

Say it isn’t so. But it is. Thanks to Erick Erickson (Redstate) and Angry White Dude for being all over this, much to the NRA’s chagrin.  I’m getting that feeling that I have when dealing with the Repubics (thanks, Mark Levin) in the US Senate. It’s the feeling that there’s something nasty crawling on your skin.

My support for the NRA has been on the wane for some years now. Like other members, I’ve seen comments such as “I had a basic membership and they kept harassing me for more funds” and ”I felt like they were no longer supporting the Second Amendment or myself as a gun owner”. There are plenty of these comments out there and they’re not hard to find. In my own case, they kept sending me unsolicited materials, such as videos, promptly followed by an invoice. Annoying, to say the least.

Let me say up front that most of my buddies are gun owners and most are members. I’m going to actively urge everyone I know to cease support for the NRA forthwith. Fortunately for us, there is a viable and growing alternative for gunners in “Gun Owners of America”. These folks haven’t forgotten who and what they stand for. The list of the NRA’s transgressions against its membership and the Constitution is long. Shame on me, I had been following this story at a distance. When I saw hints out there that the NRA, in its misplaced zeal for covering its own pathetic rear end, were turning their backs on a solid Reagan conservative in favor of that slimy, walking wart Harry Reid, I went ballistic.

It’s reminiscent of the sell-out of the AARP membership by its leadership, for cozy political favors by the Democrat Congress. I can’t confirm the actual numbers, but the figure I have seen is that it cost them over 150,000 members. That’s not chump change.

The ‘Repubics’ in the Senate and House have seen first-hand what a hostile and angry Patriot Movement can do to their re-election prospects. Hear that, Lindsey? Just keep telling yourself how irrelevant we are. You too, McCain. JD Hayworth may be a flawed candidate, but he never assaulted the First Amendment. Anyone remember McCain-Feingold? Or, let’s see, the ‘gang of fourteen’? Or how about McAmnesty? Yeah, the one McCain is trying to make you forget about. McCain needs to go.

Like the Republican leadership, at least before the Conservative Patriot Movement, the NRA’s leadership has lost its way. That’s a shame. But we as Patriots and gun owners cannot support the sellout of our Constitution, and by extension our country, for political expediency. For those of you that think it will do any good, or just want to vent, the NRA’s number is 800-392-8683. Knowing gun owners, I have a feeling that they’ll be somewhat less inclined to be forgiving than seniors to the AARP. Go on to Angry White Dude’s site for June 29, 2010 to see a list of the NRA’s perfidy. I think that “Gun Owners of America” is going to see a big uptick in membership.

There is an object lesson for Republicans here. This is what happens when you violate the trust of your base. The days where we’ll sit back and take this crap are gone… whether AARP, NRA or RNC… we have choices. We can vote with our feet, we can back Conservative candidates and we can support a gunowners’ organization who shares our fundamental love of God, Country and Constitution. HOO-RAH!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010