The Second War For Independence – Your Freedom In The Balance.

It’s another American first. A (so far) bloodless revolution. It’s Americans banding together to confront the evils of the Marxist coup against our God given rights.

In 1775, Americans rose up against what they saw as tyranny by a King and his Parliament thousands of miles away. In eight years of bitter fighting the fledgling country won its freedom, with the help of King Louis XVI of France who saw the conflict as an opportunity to stick his thumb in the eye of his arch enemy, King George III. The Spaniards and Dutch were allies of the French and, by extension, allies of the American colonists also.

We don’t have eight years to take our country back. We have until November 2, 2010. Larry Kudlow calls it a “Tea Party” election. He points out, very correctly, that the DeMarxists and the ‘moderates’ in both the Democrat and Republican parties have made a big mistake thinking that the Patriot Movement is a momentary phenomenon.

What has been, and is, occurring is that with every incursion into our fundamental rights and freedoms the ‘movement’ (which I’ve been calling ‘the Conservative Patriot Movement’ for purposes of clarification) has gotten more powerful. It’s a process of diminishing returns for the Obama Marxists. What they so disparagingly refer to as ‘Teabaggers’ is in fact a huge coalition of like-minded Independents, Conservatives, Republicans and not a few disillusioned Democrats whose ‘hopey changey thing’ has so far turned into a two year nightmare of deficit spending, sky-high tax increases and, arguably, the worst economy since the great depression.

The Patriot movement’s support, or lack of, has determined the results of elections all over the country. The Republican old guard so far has done everything in its power to ignore, and when that became impossible, disparage the movement as being a temporary voter reaction. ‘Repubics’ (thanks Mark), such as Lindsey Gr(amnesty) wish we would go away. Yeah, you Lindsey, you smarmy rat. This stooge has been around far too long. That’s right, Graham, we’re gunning for you. We’ll support Conservative challengers to you and harry you from office, to become the dirty little historical grease spot you deserve to be. Tell us how irrelevant we are during your next election cycle.

Democrat and Republican so-called moderates  (another term for liberal as far as I’m concerned) are approaching November with trepidation, as well they should. So, if you’re among the millions of Americans who are frustrated and bitter, watching your government and your freedoms being taken over by a nascent tyranny, it’s time for you to get active. The Patriot Movement is a big, welcoming place. It’s where your voice can best be heard among millions of like-minded Americans. We’re not hard to find.

While we remember those Patriots from that first Fourth of July so long ago, let us remember those who today risk their lives on our behalf in hostile climes around the world.
It’s your nation, take it back.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010