The Obama Cupboard Is Bare.

The statist press is at its wits end. Their own spin machine is having a harder and harder time getting anyone to listen. So, the only thing left to them is to descend into the journalistic death-spiral of harsher and harsher invective, vituperation and baseless personal attack.

As an aside, I think that our supposed journalism schools graduate few journalists, as we understand the term. What we see coming out of school, more often than not, are ideologically indoctrinated leftist political hacks, working in the guise, no matter how shallow, of objective reporting. In point of fact, the lame stream press is a victim of its own success. They carried the hard left’s water for so long that Americans turned them off and tuned them out. The white noise of their constant drum beating, ‘Chicken Little’ sociopathy and ill-disguised anti-American messages  lost them the audience they once had all to themselves. It was lost to them in direct proportion to the elapsed time from the shameful political sellout of the war in Vietnam, which cemented the symbiotic relationship of the media and the Demarxists.

We think of the advent of the internet and internet journalism as being the turning point. Actually, the country’s gradual awareness of the paucity of factual news and objective opinion without the Socio-Marxist agenda preceded the internet. Americans were turned off and disgusted by the lame stream press and the gradual recognition of the clear and present danger to our Republic. What occurred was that the internet, internet journalism and the phenomenon known as the internet blogosphere, largely took the message away form the left. Exposing the radical Marxist agenda of the symbionts and their Marxist masters became the mission of internet journalism.

When Barack Hussein Obama came on the scene the situation was ripe for citizen revolt against the now obvious intent of the left. A mindless, headlong rush towards totalitarianism by the DeMarxists produced the citizen revolt we are experiencing in the Conservative Patriot movement, which is now sweeping the nation. The Patriot groups and the Tea Party activists are not nearly as fragmented as the left tries hard to portray. Even the knotheads in the RNC have figured out that they don’t have the reins on this. We’ve had it with a lot of them too. We want leadership, not deals! Can you hear me, John? Can you hear me, Lindsey?

This, I think, is one of the great differences between ‘us and them’. Responsible journalists will be as quick to condemn their own when they see wrongdoing as the political opposition. Journalism is, or should be, the process of truth seeking. Barack Hussein’s cupboard is the lame stream symbiont.
That’s why the cupboard is as empty as the Marxist message itself.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010