Most Despised President In History – US Military No Confidence.

I want to thank my editor, Dee, for covering for me yesterday and delivering a really excellent article. I had a summer bug (summer?, what summer?) creep up and bite me hard. I’d forgotten the joys of childhood viruses (my daughter is five). I can’t wait for school start.

The published lame stream reports are, as usual, full of baloney. There is a mystery here… so what I’m going to say is based on intimate knowledge of the military and military tradition. Obama had to get rid of McChrystal. He was not only a very fine theater commander, well liked by his soldiers and the Afghani government, but he was effective ultimately, that’s why he had to go. He makes Obama and the clown college look very bad.

Obama and Gen. McChrystal aboard Air Force One, October 2009.

Had Barack Hussein Obama given General McChrystal the complete support he asked for when he asked for it, we would be looking at a fragmented, largely defeated Taliban. Due to the Anointed One’s foot-dragging and interference we are now in danger of losing in Afghanistan, something we cannot afford to do. That Obama is afraid to challenge his handlers in Pakistan is no new story. The Taliban has been staging and training in Pakistan, or as our closet muslim pronounces it, PAAK(I)STAAN, for years.

General McChrystal is a four-star general steeped in military tradition. He is a man to the very core of his being. That’s much more than can be said for his Commander in Chief. One of the prime duties of a general officer’s staff is to limit access to their boss. Otherwise, it would be like being ‘nibbled to death by ducks’.

I served for a time directly under a Brigadier General at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, one of the two basic training centers in the Marine Corps. The depots always have been targets for leftists and leftist writers, because of ongoing issues of supposed ‘brutality’ against recruits. There have been some abuses in the past… few and far between given the number of recruits who successfully complete “boot camp”, thereby earning the title of US Marine. Is it tough training? You bet. It has to be. Almost every Marine can be guaranteed to be committed to combat at some point in his career. No reporter was allowed to get anywhere near the Brigadier without going through the Depot Information Office. The General’s staff, just like in the Army, are a tight-lipped bunch.

That’s where the disconnect in this story comes from. Why would a theater commander allow a leftist-leaning reporter for Rolling Stone access to him or his staff? According to published reports Michael Hastings, in his his article titled “The Runaway General”, was given unprecedented access to McChrystal and a dinner in Paris attended by Mrs McChrystal, the General and his staff. Supposedly, some of the staff ‘got hammered’ and started giving Hastings an earful… Stanley McChrystal said nothing. So that makes most of the reporting out there dead wrong from the start.

That McChrystal is responsible for his subordinates regardless, and did nothing to rein in his troops, leads me to believe that McChrystal used the incident to highlight the great danger in which Obama and his administration have placed our troops, the mission, and thereby the nation, due to their foot-dragging incompetence… and may I be so bold as to add… their cowardly treason against our country. I believe he saw it as his duty to the military and the country. I believe that McChrystal allowed this to happen, knowing full well he would be relieved.

To many people Afghanistan is but a name, but if you want to see how Barack Hussein has sabotaged our efforts there just look at the obstructionism towards cleaning up the oil in the Gulf… where Obama’s efforts to further destroy our economy through that cretin Ken Salazar are costing the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Americans and further devastating the already badly damaged Gulf economy.

The catalog of Obama’s sins grows longer by the day, as does the urgency of the DeMarxists to complete the country’s destruction from within before November. Just in case anyone asks, Barack Hussein Obama is not fit to polish Stanley McChrystal’s shoes. There’s been much blather in the statist press about General MacArthur and Truman, Lincoln and General McClellan. Truman had no choice but to relieve MacArthur, who wanted to carry the Korean war into China and openly advocated using nuclear weapons. Lincoln removed McClellan for repeatedly refusing to advance his troops, despite overwhelming superiority in numbers.

Our military is the finest in the world being led by the worst Commander in Chief in history.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010