To See Obama’s Vision For America, Watch Chavez Workers’ Paradise.

The shadows of failed communist states lie across millions of dead whose mute testimony will forever stain the fabric of the world. Devastation, murder and hunger are its tools. Lies and deceit are its hallmark. The shackles of penury and forced servitude its only legacy. It’s hard, even now that eighteen months have passed, to believe that Americans did not see through the sophomoric visions of sugarplum fairies that spewed from Barack Hussein Obama’s swiveling head.

Obama and Chavez

It was readily apparent that Barack Hussein was in deep water when he spoke extemporaneously. His handlers were very careful to limit his exposure to the public and the press. He was careful to stay on message most of the time. Still, those of us who looked past the carefully canned performances, that were more reminiscent of the glory days of the old Filmore West than a political party and populace in search of a presidential candidate, were able to garner much of Barack Hussein Obama’s real intention for the country.

Conservative writers were savaged for showing America just what and who Obama really was. We were called racist and told that we were obstructionists toward the Anointed One’s magical agenda, in which promises fell like blossoms and government largesse showered down from above. Most of the country figured out Barack Obama pretty quickly when we saw 800 billion dollars vanish, after watching the misappropriation of 700 billion dollars in TARP funds.

Watching Obama’s alter-ego down in Venezuela I got the definite impression that Obama was, if not jealous of what Hugo Chavez was able to do without the pesky interference of a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, at least eager to emulate brother Chavez here in this country. Chavez has destroyed the private sector in his country… as Obama is working hard to do here. Chavez has crippled the energy sector of Venezuela. Nation-wide power outages and brownouts are common, while Chavez breaks the backs of his people with massive taxation.

Now reports are coming out of Venezuela of food shortages and looming hunger. The army has been ordered to confiscate food stores to distribute ‘to the poor’ through special government stores, while 80,000 tons of foodstuffs lie rotting in Government warehouses. Stark testimony to this totalitarian government’s failure to deal with even the most basic issues.

Don’t kid yourselves… it could happen here! It might, if we don’t disavow ourselves of this wannabe dictator and all who espouse this pernicious philosophy of oppression and slavery.
This is Barack Hussein Obama’s vision for America… his communist vision.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010