Republicans, Wake The Heck Up!

Here we go again. Axiom number 1: Never ever discount a Republican’s ability to shoot himself in the foot and take the party down with him. Axiom number 2: In any given conflict don’t stand up and fight, simply cannibalize one of your own. Axiom number 3: Why fight when you can roll over and make nice with the Marxists?

It’s beginning to look sickeningly familiar. The DeMarxists consistently defend their own to the last gasp, no matter how heinous the malfeasance… and get away with it time after time. Why? Aside from the automatic smoke screens thrown up by the lame stream media to baffle the boobs and cover for the statists, the real reason is that our Republican leadership still has too many gutless wonders. These cretins would happily sell out their constituents, to avoid the unpleasantness of actually standing up to the Marxist-Leninists who are stealing our freedoms.

One of the real reasons for the emergence of the Tea Party/Patriot Movement is just that. We watched the Republican ‘Old Guard’, under George Bush, set the table for Barack Obama. Throughout, we watched Republicans beat their own up time after time, while allowing Democrats to get away with incident after incident by their silence.

Joe Wilson gestures.

Republicans allowed one of their finest to be destroyed for the awkward use of a word that’s not even in the English language. Moral cowardice. It’s a creeping disease that rots from within. A Republican Congressman, albeit a freshman, told Barack Hussein Obama just exactly what the rest of us were thinking… that he was a liar. Representative Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina, had it right. His burst of emotion on the House floor was something Republicans, Conservatives and Independents had been starved of.

Joe Barton questions BP CEO Tony Hayward

The Republicans had the opportunity to stand tall and tell a lying President that he was just that. Instead, in the manner of true cowards, they allowed the DeMarxists to control the message. Representative Joe Barton, R-Texas, stated that Obama had shaken down British Petroleum for 20 billion dollars. Once again, it’s true.. it is a shakedown. British Petroleum acknowledged from the beginning that it was responsible. It needed no grandstanding Chicago thug telling them what had to be done.

The Republicans fell all over themselves trying to be the first one to condemn Representative Barton. The Republican leadership even went as far as to threaten his committee chairmanship. I’m really disappointed in some of the people we thought were the new Conservative Republican party leadership. Jim DeMint for one. I’ve supported you from the beginning. But if you don’t get it together now and start fighting for us and for your own, you’ll find the virtual unanimous support you now enjoy dissolving. Jim, you were wrong on this one. It was a shakedown. It was presented just like a shakedown by one who had plenty of experience doing it as a ‘community organizer’.

We’re looking for Conservative warriors, not milquetoast Republican deal makers.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010