Jobs Are Bustin’ Out All Over – Obama Said So.

The latest unemployment figures give the big lie to the DeMarxists’ oft repeated claims to job creation. People are getting very weary of the constant drumbeat of propagandized lies coming out of the administration. What is obvious is that the pace of job layoffs has not slowed. The government’s efforts at double and triple book-keeping, to make temporary census jobs look like a huge boost in employment, is typical of how Obama’s operation works. Real job growth has not gone anywhere but down. Obama’s punishing policies toward private business will not abate until we defeat the DeMarxists in November.

The government has grown itself by 400,000, while at the same time a worse than anemic 41,000 jobs were created in the private sector. Any rational economist, heck, anyone who stayed awake through high school economics would look at those two figures and see what an immense disconnect they really represent.
400,000/41,000. It looks for all the world like something we would have seen reported out of the old Soviet Union, not the United States of America.

After TARP… after the 800 billion stimulus… after Cash for Clunkers, which ended up costing taxpayers around $24,000 per vehicle turned in… after all of the other loser ‘programs’ with huge amounts of unaccountable money being diverted to interest groups and political cronies. Don’t they call that fraud?. I guess it doesn’t count if you’re a DeMarxist ‘friend of Obama’.

After all this, another 475,000 jobs have been lost so far this year. The home construction industry took another hit, after the artificially inflated figures supplied by the tax credit which was offered to home buyers expired with the program and those home sales cleared the books.

There are no jobs out there in a lot of fields. I know one guy in particular, who is well qualified in his field with an excellent resume. He’s sent out over four hundred resumes without a single job offer. There are some 900,000 people whose unemployment benefits will run out unless Congress gets its act together. These people want jobs, not unemployment, but right now it’s all they’ve got.

Analysts are beginning to talk about a double-dip recession, a grim prospect for a citizenry that’s been battered by two plus years of economic chaos. The farther we get towards November the more transparent Obama’s schemes become. I have a sense that Americans are waiting with bated breath… when the time comes to go to the polls in November, there is going to be a historic sea change. The American people will lead in taking back our country from the Marxists. We will then turn our thoughts to a one-term Obama.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010