The Illusory Mister Obama And His Magic Stash.

Watching Barack Obama neatly separate British Petroleum from some twenty billion dollars to be administered by an independent party, Obama’s pay tsar, Kenneth Feinberg, has been called to lend the veneer of respectability to the ‘distribution’ of the funds to gulf oil victims.

Kenneth Feinberg

This move is to forestall the criticism sure to come from the right, who claim that much of the TARP bailout and 800 billion dollar stimulus funds were wasted and misused. So much money was directed on the basis of political quid pro quo and cronyism, that an accurate accounting for the American people would be difficult. If anyone out there doesn’t think that Democrats divert what money they can, they had better check their reality meter.

It reminds me of the woman in Florida during the campaign, who said in front of network cameras that she was going to vote for Obama because then she wouldn’t have to worry about her mortgage or car payments any more, as Obama is going to take care of everything. Asked by an intrepid news hawk where Obama was going to get the money she replied that she didn’t know… after a pause she said, “He’s going to get it from his stash.” That the woman was entirely sincere in what she believed says worlds about Obama’s support base.

British Petroleum has behaved pretty well so far, given the obstructionism presented by the ineffectual Obama administration. Twenty billion dollars is a pretty substantial surety towards British Petroleum’s good behavior. The administration could have done much to ameliorate the problem by moving first and talking later. A rapid marshaling of the nation’s emergency resources, placed at the disposal of the people best suited to deal with the well blow out, would have put us far in advance of where we stand today, at least in terms of combating the oil already loose in the gulf.

Obama’s great illusion of green energy. It’s the left’s holy grail. It’s non-existent technology that will not now, or for the foreseeable future, provide more than a fraction of our energy requirements. Obama’s rigid ideological drive is focused on destroying the energy sector of this country along with our economy, to rebuild it into the twisted vision of Obama and the DeMarxist Congress.
Obama’s ‘stash’ is your future, the futures of your children and the futures of their children.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010