Obama’s House Of Mirrors.

As essential as the omnipresent teleprompters, the canned audiences and the hard left rhetoric, the house of mirrors shows Obama in all his manifestations. Each a different portrait of a presidency that is illusory and fragmentary. Each a facet of what drives this determined Marxist ideologue.

Having sprung from hard left roots, he knows nothing else. Having come through Chicago’s Daley machine, he’s not at all adverse to strong-arming or intimidating those who do not fall in line behind his grand Keynesian redistribution schemes. We saw how great that works with the 800 billion dollar stimulus. The money went to all the wrong places for all the wrong reasons. It became a political crony slush fund, with major paybacks to the public sector unions that were so instrumental in his ascendancy to the presidency.

Eight weeks ago, British Petroleum experienced the worst well blowout in national history. It appears that Obama and most of his administration were just out of focus from the moment word got to them of the potential disaster. There are laws and response protocols in place that would have gotten the ball rolling in the right direction, but they were ignored.

There aren’t many saints in this tale. You can’t blame BP for wanting to minimize their exposure and that’s evidenced by early reports from BP, placing the volume of the leakage from the well at 5,000 gallons a day. They can be faulted if, as the subsequent investigation shows, they skipped a couple of (according to petroleum experts) safety procedures deemed expendable because of time and money pressures… this well was in the hole for millions of dollars when the explosion occurred.

Obama wants BP to place up to twenty billion dollars in an escrow account to be administered by an ‘independent’ auditor, no doubt to be appointed by Obama. Another DeMarxist slush fund. You can’t give alcohol to an alcoholic and expect him not to get drunk. Obama has every intention of strong-arming BP CEO Tony Hayward. Hayward doesn’t have to do what Obama wants, but BP has other business with the US and may not want to forfeit this. As a matter of fact, there’s some question of whether Obama’s ‘escrow account’ demand is legal at all.

Obama’s speech yesterday was singularly bland and uninspiring. There’s no way that Barack Hussein Obama is going to shake this loose by election time. Another thing Obama should consider is the health of BP. He is planning on fleecing them plenty. At some point in time it may behoove them to explore bankruptcy. Obama’s golden goose may escape. Understand… I’m not absolving BP of responsibility. Far from it. But Barack Obama should not be given another vast pool of money with which to pay off political cronies or supporters, in the guise of aid to the stricken gulf coast.

If escrow account there is to be, then it should be stipulated that none of it goes to anything but aid to the gulf coast victims and not to the public unions and Demarxist political hacks.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010