EPA’s Assault On America.

So much of the country’s attention has been focused on the economy, zero job growth and just trying to make from day to day that it’s easy to overlook things that don’t seem to affect you directly. Such is the ubiquitous and ever present EPA.

The Environmental Protection Agency has its tentacles throughout America and a regulatory stranglehold on a huge percentage of our economy. That translates to lost jobs, lost businesses and regulatory interference on every level of industry. Now the EPA is going to charge you for a fertilizer. No CO2, no life. “Greenhouse gases” are a myth, spawned by the worst kinds of scientific charlatanism and sleight of hand. The major greenhouse gas is water vapor. Care to try that one out?

The EPA has eighteen thousand employees around, just waiting to stick it to the contractor or business owner. The EPA is a classic example of bureaucracy run amok. It is to business and industry what Fannie and Freddie are to the mortgage market. All bureaucracies exist to serve themselves. This monstrous entity sucks the lifeblood of the nation, and in conjunction with the radical environmentalists attempt to use the green label to further their aims. Now if they are permitted to, they will have the choke hold on our lives that the Demarxists have been seeking, along with the shackles that are in the health care bill.

EPA, radical greens, radical environmental groups, and of course let us not forget our DeMarxist Congressional friends, all have the same agenda. It is the destruction of the United States of America, through a contrived and engineered collapse of our entire economy. They came breathtakingly close to succeeding. They might yet if we don’t come together as Americans to stop them.

The Conservative Patriot movement must lead the way to November… Get out the phones, contact your precinct and volunteer your help, support your Conservative Republican candidates. There’s absolutely no reason to not help out where you can. November just could be the most important election in the history of our country.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010