Hey Big Spender! Obama Must Have $50 Billion, It’s An Emergency!

It’s a saga that would have challenged the imagination of an ancient Nordic bard… the dragon, the perfidious gods, the legendary heroes, the evil villains… sorry folks, there’s no maxi-sized soprano hoisting a spear and shield in this one.

Barack Hussein Obama is presiding over the worst economy and economic outlook since the great depression. There are some that would argue that we’re already there. After helping to engineer the collapse of the mortgage banking industry, the same people who were screaming ‘hang the bankers’ are the same ones who repeatedly blocked investigation and regulation of the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Our president was on that list, along with a who’s who of Congressional DeMarxists.

So they create the disaster, howling through the megaphone of the statist lame stream media at the same time, saying we have to have this money today. Right now. The sky is falling! Then they say that only we can save you, and that the only way to end the daily worsening recession is to pump an immense infusion of currency into the economy. We were assured on a daily basis of immediate and long range job growth— any day now— hold on… any second now.

800 billion dollars and eighteen months later and we are in far worse shape than we should be… this is intentional. The 800 billion didn’t go out to the marketplace, where it would have generated investment in business and thereby jobs in the private sector. The money went instead to states and municipalities. The money didn’t go to help Americans… it went to public employee unions. It went to states. Not to help solve their fiscal funding or to reign in the unions, whose underfunded/unfunded retirement obligations have threatened to bankrupt states and cities alike, but to pump money into the same losing programs and administrations time after time.

The government grew by four hundred thousand jobs, as opposed to forty one thousand jobs created in the private sector during the same period. What’s with that picture?
Barack is having one heck of a time convincing America that we have to have another 50 billion to ‘keep police, firefighters and teachers working’.
This is code for: The stimulus money is all gone. What do we do now, chief?

This is desperation spending. Obama knows that he’d better get it now if he can. Come November, things could change dramatically.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010