Obama Ignores – Stalls Oil Removal Assets.

When this gulf oil deal started I found my inner self in slight sympathy with the administration. After all, they hadn’t asked for this catastrophe any more than had George Bush when Katrina burst across his horizon. It didn’t take my inner self long to shed the sympathy as I saw Obama mangle it from the git go.

BP CEO Tony Hayward and Barack Obama

The problem with the office of the presidency is that there is no primer for leadership. Jimmy Carter gave us ‘stagflation’ and told us all to expect less and put on our sweaters. What Barack Obama has afflicted on the economy and the nation makes Jimmy look like a Reagan supply-sider. I needn’t go through the laundry list of Obama’s trail of depredation through our society, every internet journalist has listed them numerous times.

Those of us not under the thrall of the mystique of Barry Hussein were excoriated in the lame stream press. His background was quite adequate for the job we were assured. Why, hadn’t he run an entire campaign? Short answer: No. Barry was handled from beginning to end. If there was a single original thought in his campaign, I’ve yet to discover it.

Now, while Obama would much rather be elsewhere, perhaps schmoozing with Comrade Hugo or genuflecting before the thugocracies of the world, community organizing and strong-arming businesses and municipalities under the guise of fundraising, Chicago style, will only take you as far as the first genuine emergency requiring lightning decisions and split-second response. That’s where it all falls apart, because the real world intrudes with real events that change our lives in a heartbeat.

Obama was tested and found wanting in front of the world. His participation was grudging and at arms length. His administration spent eleven days doing nothing much other than send out platoons of lawyers, while leaving the states most heavily affected with zero support. Obama’s clown college has spent all of its time harrumphing at BP and desperately seeking to blame somebody… anybody other than themselves, that is.

Obama has stiffed the states who are begging for oil absorbent booms and oil skimmers, which are now waiting in several locations. The Dutch offered several large ships outfitted as oil sweepers and this offer was also ignored. Why would Obama deny these assets to the people of the gulf?
We have to ask again… Obama, who are you working for?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010