EPA Tyranny – Republicans Hold Firm, Some Democrats Help.

Ok, it’s just like we talked about months ago, when rumors of Barack Hussein Obama’s back up plan for Cap and Tax started surfacing. Obama, never one to do anything out in the open when something underhanded will serve, is going to tax the very life out of you and your family. He is going to accomplish, by regulatory fiat, that which he could not accomplish legislatively.

Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo, talks about efforts to block the EPA from imposing climate regulations.

The Environmental Protection Agency is a non-elected unaccountable bureau of radical environmentalists, whose very existence has become a liability for America’s economy and, ultimately, our security. The EPA was started in 1970 by then President Richard M. Nixon, to implement laws and regulations applying to personal or environmental issues at the direction of Congress. Since 1970 the EPA has become a gigantic bureaucratic quagmire, stealthily winding its tentacles throughout the fabric of the nation.

The agency exists to ensure its own survival. It feeds on the vitals of the country, destroying business and job creation through hundreds of thousands of pages of punitive regulations and decrees that affect every single American. These are not the decisions of lawmakers or other elected officials. They are the pronouncements of faceless agency bureaucrats. Where in our Constitution are these 18,000 EPA minions getting their authority? What they intend to do is no less than to implement Cap and Tax through regulation.

The list of Democrat Senators that supported this scheme will be very informative, come November. Just in case you forget, we’ll be around to remind you that every single Senator that supports this can expect to answer to their voters. These days, that could easily translate to being thrown out of office.

It’s time to get out the phones/faxes and emails again. Get a hold of your (or anybody’s) Representative or Senator and tell them exactly what you think about their environmental nazism.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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