Primaries Gauge Level Of Public Angst.

‘Tis the season and Americans have the reason. The summer of discontent is about to manifest itself in a big way. I’ve referred often to the undercurrent of real anger out there, over the President and the DeMarxist Congress’s assault on our freedom. Three primaries were held this last week. Putting it mildly, it didn’t go well for the Democrats. They were not the sole recipients of the voters’ long suppressed angst, however.

Parker Griffith

Party-switching GOP Representative Parker Griffith, (R) Alabama, became the fourth Republican incumbent to fall before the voters anger this year. If the June 1 primaries in Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico are in any way an indication of the way the primaries being held this coming Tuesday, June 8, are going to go for the DeMarxists, things could get very ugly. This, more than anything else that has happened up until now, is going to be the best indicator of what is likely to occur in November.

Democrats have just about exhausted their supply of good will when it comes to the American people… the real American people, not the government sector union goons and government employees, or their slavishly devoted Lame Stream Media. It’s ironic that the audience that the LSM has lost has turned out in huge numbers… in the Patriot groups, in the Tea Parties and in the millions who support them and the new media.

Special note to our California friends; Proposition 14 (the open primary initiative) is just plain stupid for Californians, and for California Republicans it’s worse than that. In a state with so many Democrat voters we would literally have our political opponents picking the Republican candidate they want to run against. Don’t laugh. That is exactly what happened to Mitt Romney in the 2008 Michigan Presidential primary where there were thousands of cross over voters from the Democrat side voting for McCain, whom they knew to be the weaker candidate, resulting in Romney’s loss there. Proposition 14 is bad medicine for a state that is on the ropes financially and politically.

Get everyone you know to get out and vote on June 8 in the following states: California, Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, New Jersey, Nevada, South Carolina, South Dakota, Virginia and Georgia with a special election runoff in House Congressional District 9.
Now it’s your turn to make a real difference. Your votes do count, very much so.
Vote America, Vote Freedom.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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