Helen Thomas, Deluded Anti-Semite.

Heck yeah Helen, send ‘em back to Poland and Germany! Should they rebuild the ovens? Helen Thomas hasn’t been an objective journalist for a long time, if she ever was. She was wrong then, she is wrong now.

What Helen Thomas apparently never knew, or forgot, is that there is no such thing as a Palestinian. They are troublesome Arabs that got thrown out of Jordan, or were Arabs that refused to live in the infant State of Israel. Furthermore, Israel stands on lands that have been the Jewish homeland for thousands of years.

Her statement was outrageous, intemperate and unguardedly anti-semitic. There have been indications in the past that Helen was no friend of Israel. Helen is nearly ninety and has been a fixture in beltway media forever. I don’t think that at all excuses what she said. Her statement was ill considered, but probably not that far away from the attitude held by many members of the lame stream press.

I’ve been watching the ugly re-emergence of anti-semitism around the world for some years now. It’s readily apparent to me that when we have an America with strong, principled leadership, anti-semitism largely drops into the background. With a Barack Obama or a Jimmy Carter, all of the nasty demons of anti-semitism re-emerge. It follows that in the face of weak leadership here in the United States, anti-semitism around the world is emboldened.

What is also apparent is that Barack Obama favors our enemies over our proven allies. The anti-Israel theme runs through Obama’s whole government. It’s no wonder that Israel’s foes worldwide are heartened. They know Obama hasn’t the testicular fortitude to do anything about it.
Let us not forget that it was Barack Obama who stood meekly by when the third world President of Mexico came to this country and openly criticized us and our laws. Obama said nothing in defense.
Come to think of it, Obama and Helen might have a lot in common.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010