Israel’s OK Corral.

Make no mistake, Israel has been maintaining a lawful naval blockade on Gaza. Not only that, but stopping suspect vessels in international waters is common practice. I wrote that Israel would stop that convoy and indeed they did just that.

MV Rachel Corrie (before re-naming)

What happened then will be rattling back and forth on the news cycles for months. Among the 600 plus pro-Palestinian passengers was a group of hard core terrorists, whose only purpose was to confront the Israeli commandos charged with boarding and inspecting the ships. They immediately attacked the IDF with chains, knives, metal pipes and at least one gun. The IDF opened fire with sidearms after taking several casualties, killing nine terrorists and injuring another 34 people in the melee. The ship was diverted to an Israeli port where the ‘humanitarian’ goods were trucked to Gaza. The activists were deported from Israel after interrogation.

In a further ratcheting of tensions, the Turks have threatened to send warships to protect the Rachel Corrie, an Irish vessel carrying another contingent of ‘peaceful activists’, located somewhere between Libya and Cyprus and headed towards Israel. Israel has flatly stated that no ships will pass that blockade. If Turkey is reckless enough to play this soviet-style brinkmanship with the Israelis, they may be putting a flame to a torch that may not be so easily put out. They will also find out what many others have…that Israel will use any means necessary to protect its country and its people.

With the report that Iran has enough weapons grade material to manufacture two nuclear weapons the pressure is on Israel to, in essence, become the savior of the world, because the country that should be taking action against a nuclear Iran, namely us, has an insipid, timid leader who behaves in a subservient manner in a part of the world where only the strong rule.

Barack Obama makes everything so much more dangerous than it needs to be. Israel must act. Obama doesn’t have the courage.
Besides, he’s on the other side….

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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