Memorial Day 2010

…and not an Obama in sight. Vacationing in fact. To my way of thinking as a veteran, as an American and as a patriot, perhaps it’s best he didn’t show. He would have somehow sullied our memories of the countless selfless souls who have gone before. I think that somewhere the spirits of these warriors would protest at someone who thought so little of the freedoms they willingly gave the ultimate measure of devotion to maintain.

Obama seems unable to think or behave in any sort of a strategic manner. He seems truly oblivious when it comes to anything beyond the narrow focus of his ideology. There is a North Korean General threatening “all out war.” The South Korean military is at its highest state of readiness, as are the tens of thousands of our troops there.

The Israeli Navy has met and stopped a convoy of six ships carrying some 700 pro-Palestinian activists and ‘aid’ for the blockaded Gaza strip. The IDF has repeatedly said that the ships will not be permitted to land at Gaza. With a steadily deteriorating peace the last thing Israel needs is 700 crazed activists running loose in Gaza. Their true intentions were indicated by the savage attack on the IDF boarding party.

An ‘aid worker’ aboard the flotilla.

In an indication of just how serious the situation in the region has become, Israel has stationed three nuclear submarines off of the coast of Iran. Barack Obama hasn’t a clue of how to deal with either North Korea or Iran. Either one has the potential to blow up in our faces.

Obama cheapens everything he touches, so perhaps it’s just as well that he wasn’t present at the memorials for our fallen.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010