That’s an apt description for the groundswell that has become the Tea Parties, the various patriot movements and citizens of all stripes and persuasions to whom the message of Conservative Republicans is resonating. That number is growing, as evinced by polling data and the surprising inroads being claimed by Conservative Republican challengers, some in heavily Democratic districts.

Yes, this is a grassroots movement, but it is much more than that. It is a uniquely American grassroots movement, which in turn has its roots in the very foundations of this country. It is indeed a home brew. It is a recipe that sadly I don’t think would work for our European brethren. It’s not that they are not smart enough or brave enough. It’s just that they haven’t been inculcated with the spirit of freedom. It’s a magic transformation. Once introduced to the idea of freedom and liberty few will choose to revert to subservience. Here in this country in the last sixteen months we have witnessed events that would have precipitated rioting in the streets of many countries.

The world will be watching us to see how we deal with the orderly transfer of power in the November elections. The players on the world stage will be watching too, because they know that if the DeMarxists lose Congress in November the free ride is over. The bad guys get the message too. They have the President, his administration and party pegged as a bunch of vacuous radical lightweights without a coherent foreign policy or diplomatic message. They see Barack Hussein Obama as weak, vacillating and apologetic to all the wrong people… Obama has an uncanny attraction for the worst sort of people. It’s an example of things finding their own level.

It would do well for us to remember that not only Israel, but we also have a very large target on our backs, that the threats of annihilation coming at us daily from Islamo-fascists around the world are real and that words have meaning. Are you listening, Barack?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010