The Long Gray Line.

West Point. In the rolling hills of New York on the Hudson river the long gray line goes on, only slightly sullied by the internationale tone of their Commander in Chief. Once again, Obama has used the Corps of Cadets as backdrop for advancing his political schemes.

He was received with polite (just barely) applause. These very bright young officers have, for the most part, figured out just about all there is to know about Mr Barack Obama. They know just how feckless and naive Obama’s ‘diplomacy and engagement’ policy will be, when examined in the light of Obama’s own first sixteen months.

The desk chair in the oval office hadn’t had a chance to warm up in January of 2009, when our prancing pony was out the door bowing and genuflecting his way across the world stage in globe trotting extravaganzas designed to awe the rubes of the world with his sagacity and magnificence. Didn’t work. Other nations listened to his comic-opera approach and applauded, as they applaud anything that diminishes the United States. That’s what Barack Obama does, he diminishes. He cheapens this country and I don’t like that feeling.

There are a lot of men in that long gray line. Going all the way back to 1778, when West Point was first occupied, through 1802 when the United States Military Academy was formally established, through to today. The weight of history is very much apparent in the valor and sacrifice of the men and women of that long gray line.

Balanced against the truth of the valiants that went before us, Barack Hussein’s rhetoric seems trite, petty and self serving. He serves it dished out a la carte to those desperate souls who require a Barack Obama or a Jim Jones to validate their existence. No, I don’t think Obama’s speech had much impact on the Cadets. It sure didn’t do much for us out here either.
Makes you want to go wash up good afterwards though.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010