Obama An Embarrassment.

The President of an oppressive third world oligarchy has been telling us just what he expects of us in an insulting diatribe that stretched several limits of credulity.

Calderon and Obama

His illegal immigrants are flooding our emergency rooms, our schools, public welfare schemes and our legal system, courts and prisons. The internecine drug wars tearing at the very substance of his country are the direct result of government corruption at every level.

President Calderon thinks you’re stupid… after his self righteous presentations to the Congress and the people of the country about the glories of illegal immigration, and how grateful we should be for absorbing millions of illegals. He went on to detail how unjust Arizona’s new immigrant enforcement law is and how illegals have human rights which our laws overlook.

I should have mentioned that Barack Obama set the stage for Calderon’s performance with a sophomoric rant about a ‘path to citizenship for aliens’. It’s the same thing we shot down during the Bush years. Giving it the good old politburo standing ovation, the DeMarxists looked like puppets on cue. The Republicans forswore the privilege. Calderon should certainly receive an award for raw out-and-out chutzpah.

Would anyone care to know how Mexico treats illegals as they come across the southern Mexican border? Two years in prison for a first offense and ten for a second. Non-citizens have no rights in Mexico. Mexico’s ‘General Laws’ see to that. Even a naturalized Mexican citizen is second class to native born Mexicans and may not participate in the Mexican political process, among other restrictions. Mexican illegal aliens are frequently beaten, robbed, or, in the case of women, raped.

So, Mr Calderon. Tell us again how your country would survive if we did close the border. My guess is it wouldn’t. Walk softly, Mr Calderon… you may regret your words before it’s said and done.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010