Senator Kyl, Shut The Heck Up!

The moderates in the US Senate are poised to roll over on the nomination of Elena Kagan. This is a prime example of the changes that are going to have to be made in order for the Republican party to prosper and grow into this century. Announcing to all and sundry that Ms. Kagan’s confirmation is as good as a done deal was not the smartest thing you’ve ever done, Senator Kyl. That applies to John Cornyn of Texas as well.

We have some questions we’d like asked and answered. If Elena Kagan is confirmed she will be making decisions that will influence the court, the constitution and ultimately the daily lives of every man, woman and child in this nation for two or three decades to come. Is there a single reason that she should not be vetted accordingly?

We know quite a bit about her. We know she’s a hard-left liberal from upper New York… surprise! She has spent most of her career in academia. She clerked for Justice Thurgood Marshall and she worked for the Clinton administration for two years. The bulk of her paper trail will come from there. Last week, I said that Elena Kagan had never tried a case before a court. As a reader pointed out to me, I was incorrect. She has tried one case as Solicitor General before the Supreme Court.

She has some radical views on the first amendment and the government’s role. Kagan appears to have some serious anti-gun issues. Both of these deserve close scrutiny. Her shameful banning of military recruiters on Harvard’s campus should be a disqualifier by itself. For any Senator on the Republican side to state out of hand that he saw no impediment to Kagan’s passage is a slap in the face to every American citizen. You’re not doing the job we are paying you to do. To say we won’t filibuster is pure cowardice and is handing the problem right back for we the people to handle, in the form of a possible radical activist justice to deal with for decades.

Apparently, some of you moderate Republicans didn’t get the Bob Bennett message. There’s no place to hide from us and November is closer by another day. The Conservatives, Independents and disaffected Democrats, who together comprise the American Patriot movement which has taken the nation by storm, will not permit you to go back to your old ways. Remember, if you are not up for re-election this cycle we’ll be waiting when you are and you will answer to your fellow Americans and constituents for your deeds, or lack thereof.
The nation can no longer afford phony Republicans or false Conservatives. We don’t have that luxury any more.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010