Obama… My Friend Israel?

Barack Hussein Obama is suffering from whiplash. His whimsical, ugly, anti-semitic and totally illogical treatment of Israel has come to an abrupt end. All is well with the Anointed One. His 180° course change with Israel has not gone unnoticed by Israel’s enemies in the Holy Land.

Netanyahu and Obama

No more starving Israel of strategic re-supply in the event a real shoot-em-up does get started. No more withholding key munitions that Israel needs for offensive warfare. No more threatened or actual sanctions by our pro-Palestinian leftist State Department. At least for now.

Obama has been giving Israel a very rough time of it for as long as he’s been in office. His State Department has aligned itself with the leftist elements in the country to influence policy and weaken Israel’s resolve from within. The President had a vapidly phrased letter sent to a group of American Rabbis as an almost insulting gesture of apology for the icily hostile attitude exhibited by Obama’s Government over the last fourteen months.

So, to what do we have to credit Barack Hussein’s epiphany? Here are some possibilities. Barack has badly damaged relations with American Jewry. This has been a virtually unassailable bastion of loyal Democratic voters and prime recruiting territory for political activism. Barack’s open antagonism of Israel has opened a schism in that voting block and American Jews are moving away from the Democrat party, responding to the message of the Conservatives. His move has also been interpreted as a sop to the Jewish community.

Then there is the hard reality that Obama’s subservient toadying has netted him nothing but ridicule and disdain from his muslim brothers. He may not realize that by coddling Iran, hoping to bring them to the table, he has created a far more dangerous world in the last fourteen months, but at least some of his advisers do. The Administration has to be aware that there is a heck of a good chance that we will be smack in the middle of a regional conflict, with us and Israel on one side and Hamas, Hizballah, Lebanon and Iran sitting in the catbird seat behind its surrogates on the other.

Israel will be fighting for its very existence. Obama hasn’t changed his stripes one bit, but he has come to the conclusion that the rest of us have known for years… that Israel is the only game in town.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010