How Much Time?

I love enigmatic titles. This is one that is sort of sober in the sense that I’m attempting to discern how soon the business in the Middle East is going to erupt into something really nasty. The build-up of opposing forces is reaching fever pitch with multiple missile systems, both offensive and defensive, on both sides.

Fajr-5, supplied to Hamas by Iran.

Israel has developed some truly remarkable defensive anti-missile systems. Their offensive punch is legendary and has just been made much more powerful with the arrival of the LJDAM deep penetrating bunker buster shipment, which had been held up at the island of Diego Garcia by order of Barack Obama when he was trying to strong-arm Israel. With some help from US anti-missile systems Israel has a reasonable capacity to repel a rocket or missile assault. Still, with the sheer numbers of rockets and missiles they face, some are bound to get through.

Iran would like nothing better than for Israel to be bled out in a prolonged land engagement with Hizballah, with their other surrogate Hamas, and their ultimate stooge, Assad of Syria. The foremost thought in my mind at this point is just how long Israel can or will wait to take action?

Iran has juiced up its nuclear program to fever pitch, while President Obama runs interference for them with his feckless and ineffectual policy of appeasing Islamists and interference with Israel’s security, through endless, pointless negotiations in which Israel has been urged to give, give and give more, for the ‘promise’ of a peace which will never come and the Islamo-fascists who will grant no peace, having sworn to Israel’s destruction and the slaughter of every man, woman and child. More pointedly, their goal is the death of every Jew on Earth. That’s only the appetizer y’all. Then they are going to exterminate or enslave the rest of us if we don’t defeat this cult of death.

If President Obama does not support Israel in this extremely dangerous region, the American people will. Sixty three percent of Americans support the nation of Israel. Aside from the tens of thousands of offensive rockets and missiles sitting just across the border in Lebanon, with the new longer range missiles supplied by Syria, the launchers don’t even have to be near the border. Syria has been training large units of regular Hizballah troops and around 5,000 ‘special operations’ commando types, thought to be the spearhead of a possible incursion into Israel itself.


Israel has had a long time to prepare for that which they knew to be inevitable. The odds against them seem to multiply, as more and more arms are smuggled across the Syrian border and more and more Hizballah ‘troops’ are trained by Syrians.

I keep seeing new factors come to light that I think may be the thing that pulls the pin on Israel’s grenade. So far I’ve been wrong. But neither do I see how she can let the situation deteriorate beyond the point at which they can militarily be confident of success.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010