More Dominoes In Democrat Destruction Derby.

Another bastion of the left looks to fall before the onslaught of Conservatism. This was a state thought to be well within the Democrat safe zone. There’s a special election on May 22, in Hawaii.

From Left: Case, Hanabusa, Djou.

Republican Charles Djou, Honolulu city councilman, is turning heads in his surprising 36% lead over former Congressman Ed Case (D) with 28%. Third in this winner-take-all race in Hawaii’s first congressional district, which incidentally is Obama’s old home district, is Colleen Hanabusa (D), State Senate President, at 22%.

Nothing could point out more vividly the sea change that has taken place than the fact that a young Republican, with a message of fiscal responsibility, smaller government and conservative principles, is resonating in this heavily Democratic state.

It’s true that Charles Djou is benefiting from the vote splitting between his two Democrat opponents, but it’s not all down to luck. Charles has been getting some help. House GOP leaders pulled out all the stops in an effort to support Djou. The Hawaiian Tea Party Patriots have come out in strength to support him as well. Should Charles Djou win as projected on the 22nd, he stands a really good chance of winning a full two year term in November. This will be as big a deal as Scott Brown winning Good Ol’ Teddy’s Massachusetts Senate seat. Once again a Democratic seat will have fallen that shouldn’t have.

The other and most telling indicator, at least to me, is the message. The Conservative Republican message is being heard and it’s being responded to in a big way. Election out of election and poll out of poll, it’s all there. The siren song of Marxi-Socialism is being rejected out of hand by Americans.
Democrats… a Conservative challenger will be coming to a neighborhood near you very soon.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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