House Of Cards… And An Ill Wind Blowing.

New figures on the deficit have jarred veteran Wall Street economists. The deficit just posted for April was eighty two billion dollars. That’s over twice what the deficit was just last April. Our total deficit for this year alone is projected to be one point five trillion dollars. The total debt of the United States of America is an astonishing twelve trillion nine hundred thirty billion plus dollars.

The 785 billion dollar ‘stimulus’, that was to keep our republic from sinking into the abyss of depression, didn’t. That is, it didn’t do what Obama and the panic gang said it would. It was a huge pile of freshly minted dollars that was carefully, reverently poured down every wrong hole they could find. Predictably, as with most government initiatives, it didn’t take it long to go wrong… not long and very,very wrong. The government invested in itself and not in the American people. Much of the stimulus money hasn’t even been accounted for, and with the typical layers of government deniability and shifting of responsibility, probably never will.

Our government, in the form of the radical Obama regime, advocates and supervises the confiscation of the treasure of the country to pay for massive entitlements, with which to enslave the American people in a self perpetuating cycle of poverty and debt.

It’s an increasingly dangerous place, this world of ours. The sheer number of muslim illegals in this country would almost guarantee success at some point. Get one hundred low-budget bombers and if only one succeeds they’ve won… or maybe these turkeys are only a blind for deeper embedded terrorist cells that are already here and operational. We shouldn’t congratulate ourselves for stopping them. We need to be so much more vigilant than we have been.

Obama’s mismanagement makes the world situation much more dangerous than it needed to be. We will pay for this one day soon. The Iranian navy is going to try to force us from the Straights of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf, or in the event of the outbreak of hostilities try to sink our ships. Easier said than done I’ll admit, but Iran is not an adversary to take lightly. I assure you the Israelis won’t. No one wants war but this one is on the horizon and I don’t see anything that will mitigate that in any way.

LJDAM (Laser Joint Direct Attack Munitions)

Obama has shifted his policy towards Israel and Iran again and completed supplying Israel with the latest deep penetrating LJDAM bunker buster. Now if he were smart he’d get out of Israel’s way and let them do what they have to do. But Barack Obama isn’t; smart that is. The alternative is a nuclear armed Iran and the very real possibility of nuclear war. Obama’s weak posturing in front of these middle east strongmen and radical fanatics has only succeeded in painting a huge bulls eye on our backs and then expecting nothing to happen.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010