Judicial Lightweight.

She’s a college buddy of Obama’s. Her name is Elena Kagan. Her portfolio is as empty as Obama’s own. She has never tried a case in front of any court. She has written no legal briefs or opinions. She has never tried a case, either as council or as a judge. She has no qualification to sit on the highest court in the land. She’s not as much lawyer or legal academic as she is a political hack for Barack Hussein.

Obama didn’t pick her for her legal brilliance. He picked her because she is every bit as much a left wing radical as he is. He picked her because she’ll follow Obama’s leftist agenda with the dedication of a zealot. He picked her for Solicitor General for the same reason. Rush Limbaugh called her a “pure academic idealist radical”. I’m inclined to go along with Rush’s analysis.

There is supposedly some trepidation among liberals about Ms. Kagan’s opinions about everything from the second amendment to her stated opposition to gay marriage. Many see her as an academic with the hallmarks of a cautious pragmatist and not the ultra-left leaning activist jurist they want. She’s plenty radical enough for most of us. I’m sure we’ll hear plenty more about her as this thing plays out.

The Republicans must filibuster this appointment. Republican lawmakers have a long history of being all too willing to cave on issues where standing on conservative principles was not the popular thing to do. Republicans should note and study what occurred with Bob Bennett. Our lawmakers should be aware that we are watching. We’re watching every race and every candidate very closely. Stand up and fight or go the way of Bob Bennett is what it amounts to.

Elena Kagan would be a dangerous radical on the Supreme Court. She is being put forth strictly because she’ll work to further the Barack Hussein Obama regime’s radical socialist agenda. Obama has taken a page from the book of Franklin Roosevelt, from when he attempted to pack the Supreme Court with Justices who Roosevelt knew were in favor of his big government policies.
As Conservatives, we have to do all we can to see that no ‘court packing’ goes on with Barack Obama in the White House. Filibuster or else.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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