Welcome Back, I Think.

First of all let me thank Dee, who aside from her own schedule and work on our site, found time to lend her considerable journalistic talents covering for me while I was off for a few days. I was out of touch for much of this week, so it was with great pleasure that I read Dee’s articles this morning. Her essay into the comparison between us and European/Brit socialism was, I think, a very instructive window on where this country is headed if we don’t stop it.

The news cycle ground on while I was gone and I’ve spent most of today just trying to make sense of it. It looks like there’s more of the administration’s bi-polar unemployment figures out there for us, touting a 260,000 increase in employment as evidence that the economy ‘has turned the corner’. This administration has used that same pitch now for over a year. Back then the stimulus was going to do it for us, remember? We had nothing to worry about because the Obama administration had it all under control. A year and four months later and we get a new econo-fantasy-a-day out of Obama’s government.

At the same time as they’re talking about a jobs increase they’re reporting higher unemployment. We are now officially at 9.9 %. The real figure is the one they don’t want you know. It’s the one that reflects the underemployed, as well as the unemployed who have given up and aren’t currently looking. That figure was 17.1% last time I checked. Some sources claim that that figure is much closer to 20%. If that’s true then we are much closer to depression era unemployment than anyone is willing to admit.

The country will only sink farther into this miasma, created by Obama and the DeMarxists, if we as citizens don’t step in and stop them.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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