On A Wing And A Prayer.

Although it’s only relevant in the US, it seems appropriate that the UK general election is being held today, National Prayer Day. With the amount of prayers coming out of Britain today, I hope the Good Lord has a high bandwidth connection.

Gordon Brown

In Skip’s article from May 3rd, ‘Our Founding Documents… The Foundations Of Freedom’, he said that “Many, back in the days of King George the Third and the Revolution, didn’t believe that people could self govern, that instead the guidance of a firm but benign ruler was necessary as the common man simply could not be trusted to make life decisions for himself.” This attitude is still evident today in modern Britain. I have spoken to many who complain bitterly about high taxes, uncontrolled immigration and all the other usual gripes. They usually round off their little rant with a resigned “Well, there’s nothing we can do about it”.

Compare that attitude of many, or most, Brits to that of the American people over the last year. Do you think that if Obama totally lost it (anything is possible!) and introduced a 50% income tax level, increased fuel tax to push gasoline to $9 a gallon, and set up a state-owned broadcasting network which would cost you a $220 annual license (whether you watch it or not), that there would not be a few Tea Parties? Darn right there would be!

David Cameron

One oft-quoted comment of the British public is sadly true – “It doesn’t really matter, they are all about the same”. The whole spectrum of politics has shifted to the left. The difference between Labor’s Brown and the ‘Conservative’ Cameron is like the difference between Obama and Clinton. Would you believe that the latter has even incorporated ‘hope and change’ in an election slogan? It seems that the country has lost the first and slipped too far to do anything about the second. They are all more concerned with being pc than doing what must be done to rectify the sinking ship. What sort of an alternative is a Conservative government that upholds cap and tax and promises to plow more money into the ailing NHS?

Perhaps one day another Churchill or Thatcher will come along that has the cajones to do what is needed. Until then, Britain will remain as a stark reminder to the US of what not to do, what not to let happen. There is one good thing about the British electoral system – you never get dead liberals turning out to vote!

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)