The Pinheads And The Patriots.

Firstly, apologies to Bill O’Reilly for borrowing one of his catch phrases, but it seems so appropriate for this article. Faisal Shahzad, a ‘naturalized’ American, has been arrested for the attempted terrorist attack in Times Square. It is not clear at this time to which organization he is linked, although he was recently a visitor to Pakistan where, according to reports, he has a wife.

This is the second time within five months that a devastating attack has failed, principally due to the ineptitude of the terrorist, a pinhead of the first degree. If the situation was not so serious it would be quite comical – a terrorist using the wrong kind of fertilizer. Jocularity aside, we must realize that, as at Christmas 2009,  we were again lucky. We should not underestimate the determination and resources of the enemy based on these amateurish attempts. They will try again, that much is certain.

The left, rather than praising those who helped to avert a possible disaster and condemn the guilty, seem to be more disappointed that it was not the plot of an extremist right-wing American. Huffington Post’s Louis Klarevas had this to say: “On Monday, while Americans were fixated on the hunt for and subsequent arrest of Faisal Shahzad for his alleged role in the Times Square bomb plot, an equally important terrorism-related story that was breaking in Detroit went relatively unnoticed”.

Of course, he was referring to the release of the Hutaree members. Equally important, Mr. Klarevas? While nut-jobs like them can possibly be a danger to the public, their actions had got no further than talk. Of course, the left would probably argue that thinking something and doing it amount to the same thing. After all, they invented the thought police. While there are car bomb attacks by those with questionable links and violence  by pro-illegal immigrant supporters, the left are espousing the dangers of the Tea Parties. They really should lay off whatever they are taking.

Duane Jackson, who was the first to spot trouble and raise the alarm in the Times Square incident, was interviewed by Shepard Smith yesterday. I don’t know about anyone else, but I got a feel-good factor from Mr. Jackson. His words radiated American spirit. On the one side, you have a ‘naturalized’ citizen who attempts to destroy and maim, on the other you have this wonderful guy who is obviously so proud of being American and the freedom it represents. His face lit up at the mention of his military service.

To those who quickly responded to a dangerous situation which resulted in the arrest of the perpetrator, including New York’s finest and all the other agencies involved, we thank you for your service. God bless you all.

(Editor Dee is sitting in for Skip today)