Internet Journalism… The Left’s Truth Serum.

It doesn’t take much… we carry a message that rings true to Americans. The Conservative message stands on its own, it always has. You don’t see 3,000 page bills where Conservative Republicans legislate. I believe that some of that has to do with the observation that what is in the convoluted mishmash of duplicitous bureaucratese of that DeMarxist health care bill is full of convoluted self-justification. It’s the language of the left, full of deceit and false promise.

Conservatism is a much simpler philosophy to follow. The message of Conservatism is simple because the language of freedom is straightforward and easy to understand. Smaller government, lower taxes, freedom from government interference in business, individual responsibility and respect for the rule of law. We see the individual as the most important asset this country has, as opposed to the left who sees the individual as a part of their machine which exists to service the state.

Americans really resent the attempt to entrap them into Barack Obama’s Marxist Nirvana. It shows daily, with more and more people turning to Patriot groups and Tea Parties to combat what most of us now see as an attempted Marxist takeover of our country. There’s not much doubt about exactly where Obama stands any longer… and the more we look the farther left he gets. He was out bashing Arizona again today and pandering to illegal aliens.

The blogosphere… I hate that term… Internet New Media if you will, is Obama’s, the left’s and their lapdog LSM press’s truthometer. They can’t go very far with any of their usual canned, fake story lines because Conservative internet journalists do a lot of research… there’s a plethora of really smart people out there and the truth gets equal time in our world.

It really has taken a toll on the left’s believability factor and makes it much more difficult for them to generate one of their faked media feeding frenzies. Put one of their ideological rants up next to a simple and concise Conservative idea and there’s just no comparison. Truth has its own language.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010