Obama Eight Days Behind Curve On Well Leak.

Every new media writer out there has given his or her take on the Louisiana oil platform leak, so I may as well wade in. Our President hasn’t a clue on how to handle this problem. Instead of calling for hardware and expertise, he’s calling out goon squads from government agencies that don’t have goon squads. He’s calling up droves of government attorneys to gum up the works. He’s got department heads and special assistants flying about willy nilly and no, not one of them knows a damned thing about an oil well, most particularly a deep water well. This administration’s idea of a response team is like a scene out of Alice in Wonderland.

While Rome was burning, Caesar was out criticizing a sovereign State’s Governor for signing a bill protecting the very people Obama and the Federal Government failed to protect for the last twenty or so years. Obama displayed his true colors on this one. The lame stream press has been in full cover mode… the part that wasn’t combing the beaches looking for oiled birds that is.

Obama’s decision to cease operation on every US owned or leased well in the gulf was a juvenile knee jerk reaction at best. Something else to beat the American people with – rising gas prices due to Obama’s shutdown of the 3,800 oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. I was listening to Mark Levin this afternoon and I heard him call Obama incompetent. Yes, Mark, he is… or gives every indication of being so.

I’ve stated my views on conspiracy theory… I don’t do it as a rule, but there is this nagging thought flashing from an undisciplined mind – the timing on this whole well explosion is just too cute. Now, I’m not suggesting any monkey business. In fact, I listened carefully to Mark’s interview with a journeyman oil rig worker who was on board when it happened. He explained that it had all the appearance of a gas ‘bubble’ release. A very large release of gas blown back up through the derrick only to settle on surfaces, the deck, the interior and low spots because the odorless, colorless gas is heavier than air. At that point anything could have served as an ignition source, even static electricity.

Barack Obama is eight days late getting on top of this. If this happened to a Republican administration, there would be a media blast furnace from the left that would go on for months. It will be faintly amusing watching Obama’s hordes of lawyers stop that well leak. I just hope it doesn’t get tragic, but with enough of Obama’s goofballs running around they could screw up the works quickly for the pros that have to get it done.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010