More Tales From The Darkside… SWAT Teams To Oil Rigs.

For the elected President of a free and sovereign people, Barack Obama behaves more and more like a third world banana republic tin-horn dictator. Totalitarian minded regimes all have certain things in common, and Obama is working overtime to acquire as many of these attributes as possible before we stop him in November. With the anticipated Republican victories we should be able to stop all or most of his agenda. We’d better!

I noticed that Barack has changed his tune about immigration, at least about bringing up immigration as an issue for the November 2010 elections. Perhaps one of his handlers clued him to what a disaster immigration would be if it was allowed to become a major issue, in view of an already outraged electorate in an absolutely poisonous political climate.

In the meantime, we have these various illegal alien ‘industry’ types organizing ‘marches’ throughout the nation. Blatant criminal aliens marching openly and apparently without fear. I can’t help contrast the video footage of the rioters in Arizona with the video recordings, literally hundreds of them, documenting Patriot activities. Well behaved law abiding citizens exercising their Constitutional rights vs. criminal aliens running loose in our streets. That’s the difference. Law and Constitution or criminal illegal aliens sapping the life and vitality out of our economy, with their overwhelming dependence on welfare/social services and the criminal justice system.

There are an awful lot of similarities between Obama and most dictators. There are some striking similarities between this regime and that of Adolf Hitler in pre-World War 2 Germany. The most striking similarity is his disdain for Israel and his barely concealed anti-semitism. So much so that American Jewry is moving away from the Democrat party, due to what they see as a threat to Israel and her security from his openly anti-semitic behavior. That’s something they never even did during the administration of that other celebrated anti-semite, Jimmy Carter. This is another voting block that has long been the playground of the liberal left.

Like Hitler’s Germany, Obama is investing agencies and bureaucracies with vast enforcement powers, which if not questioned, examined and ultimately stopped could morph into something akin to Hitler’s secret police.

Make no mistake, SWAT teams to oil rigs is pure Hugo Chavez. So is his attack on Arizona’s illegal alien bill and its Governor, to whom he owes a profound apology. She’s not holding her breath, however. Hitler didn’t start out much differently than Obama. They were both street agitators and political opportunists. Hitler was a rabid anti-semite and if Obama isn’t there, he’s damned close… remember the walking duck?

It is up to patriotic American citizens all over this blessed nation to rise up with one united voice to say no to this, or any would-be dictator.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010