Tales From The Darkside… A Question of Right.

Once again we get to examine at close range the techniques the left use when they pull out all of the stops on one of their signature issues. We’d have had to fight this fight anyhow, but Arizona brought the stinking boil to the surface. Look at the videos coming out of Arizona and it’s pretty easy to tell that the people doing the rioting are the sames ones you’d be likely to see in front of Home Depot… and yeah, that’s profiling.

Calling these mini-riots ‘protest marches’ is almost laughable and the LSM is having a lot of trouble selling this one to an America who has had it right up to our eyebrows with the illegal alien issue, along with crooked, corrupt politicians and bureaucracies and Barack Obama’s anti-economy.

The activists, race lawyers and all of the other bottom feeders that follow this wedge of the leftist movement all descended on Arizona at first word of the Illegal Alien Bill being signed into law. Let us not overlook that race baiter extraordinaire, the blowhard himself Al Sharpton, who never overlooks an opportunity to stir racial tension. He blew into town on an ill wind like a vulture sensing corruption. He’s just never figured out how to tell the truth about anything and we’re still trying to figure out what an African American race baiter has to offer to the latino community. The answer is not much!

These ‘protests’ by illegals (under the tutelage of professional immigrant advocates-agitators and groups) are for illegals, and have very little in common with the greater hispanic/latino community in America. I’ve been struck recently by the number of calls and emails from American latinos, including many legal immigrants, sounding off loud and clear on the issue of illegal immigration, and without exception they say they are outraged that Barack Obama and the Democrats would give away to people who were criminals by definition what they and their relatives and ancestors had to work so hard for.

We have May Day coming up, which is actually the left’s secular high-holy day, the birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. What a surprise. The left, once again, is overreaching. The more they throw these illegals out in the public eye, the tougher the resistance to any kind of an amnesty becomes. It instead becomes another unifier for Republicans, Independents, the Patriot movement and American latinos. Setting themselves opposite an already outraged electorate isn’t the smartest move, but that’s just what Barack Hussein Obama has done, entered into an unholy alliance with the illegal aliens by virtue of his attack on the Arizona law.
Ok Barack, go for it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010