Obama Opposes Americans, Not Tea Parties.

The Obama administration’s assault on America is in full swing and the newest front is Arizona. Obama was quick to launch all the king’s horses and all the king’s men to lie, play the race card and organize illegals into civil disobedience. If anybody had any remaining doubts about Barry Hussein’s intentions regarding Arizona and his proposed illegal alien amnesty, that should have answered it for you.

Obama Condemns The Arizona Bill During A Speech In the Rose Garden.

No President, not even the unlamented Jimmy Carter, has garnered the ire of this country’s citizenry more than Barack Hussein Obama has in only two short years. Why would any President set himself directly in opposition to the expressed will of the electorate? He repeatedly tells all and sundry how lucky we are that he was here to save our economy with his rapier wit and teleprompter technique, and how we should be thankful for his mismanagement of our economy and his bi-polar foreign policy.

President Obama sees only what his ideology permits and it’s a pretty narrow bandwidth. He’s not now, nor has he ever been, in sync with this country and most especially its people. It’s almost as though as a kid he was raised in the dark side. Kicked from pillar to post and given instruction in leftist dogma, first from a mother who was in and out of his life and later, when living with his grandmother, a committed communist and influential member of the ACP (American Communist Party) through his formative teenage years. If it walks like a duck….

You know, there was plenty enough information around about Barry to pretty accurately predict how this guy was going to behave as President. I started reading into Mr.Obama when he was still a back bencher on the Illinois State legislature. Once he made his move to the US Senate I started warning some of my friends, “Watch out for this guy”. The rest is history, but it didn’t take the people very long to figure out they had been had.

When President Obama is out demonizing the Tea Party Patriots he just doesn’t get it. The left has immediately done the same thing as with every issue since VietNam and is attempting to use this as leverage for a race issue. It’s page one in their book. Speaking of your book… we read it.

The difference has been the nationwide, virtually spontaneous emergence of the grassroots patriot groups. Just us folks out here in the sticks, we’re at the point where we’re influential enough to start swinging opinions… and votes. Obama’s rantings are not likely to attract much much attention except for the pinheads he already has. This is another fight we have to win.

Arizona deserves all the help we can give, since it appears that it is ground zero in the battle against illegal aliens and those who foster them. The patriot groups will be monitoring Arizona closely. Stand strong Arizona!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010