Twentieth Century Conservative, Twenty First Century Extremist.

We are all pretty much used to the tactics of the left, and I mean left, not liberal or Democrat. The verbal abuse, the exaggeration, the revision of history, not to mention the occasional criminal damage or assault. You get acclimatized to it after a while and accept it as part of the course. There is one thing that really gets to me though, being the easy going sort of person that I am – the current trend of labeling Republicans / Conservatives / Patriots as extremists.

I differentiate between liberal/Democrat and ‘left’ because the forces that have taken over the Democrat party can hardly be compared to Andrew Jackson, Harry S. Truman or even the relatively recent Bill Clinton. I’m sure the first two of the aforementioned would turn in their graves if they could see what had become of their party, with lies, bullying tactics and a total disrespect and disregard for the Constitution all being  acceptable in their rule book.

I feel a certain sympathy for the centrists in their party now, I know a lot of liberals and they are nice enough people, although a little misguided. They just happened to be born with the extra ‘G’ chromosome (G for gullible), not something they chose.

It would be interesting to see how many of these ‘extremist tea partiers’ have, at some time in the past, voted Democrat. More than a handful, I would suggest. There’s hope for some of them yet. They don’t all want to live in a country where they are bred to serve the government, being told what they can eat, what they can drive, what they can read or who they should listen to on the radio. They still hold the belief that Rights are given by God alone, not by some wannabe fake idol who purports that we should be subservient to the elected servants of the people.

So, ‘extremist tea partiers’? Hardly. It’s like sitting on a smooth, high speed train, where you can’t feel the motion of the vehicle. You look out of the window and see the land speeding away to your right hand side. It’s not the ground base moving to the right, Mr LeftWing observer, it’s your Democrat train hurtling to the left – a train that will be going south very soon now!

(Editor Dee is sitting in for Skip today).