Obama – Seventeen Minute Rambling Diatribe To Answer Tax Question.

It sounded like a 3000 page reply to a simple question from a ‘worker’, you remember that word… it’s a favorite of the left. If this was a set-up it was a good one. The question was bluntly placed and Obama launched into a seventeen minute ramble that somnolized everyone in hearing range. Sounding like a caricature of his campaign, he went right into his sales pitch selling the bill over and over. Why, if this wonder of blind legislation was so wonderful, are they having so much trouble selling this pile of garbage to their own base?

Obama at Celgard LLC, Charlotte NC.

Unless that woman was a plant placed there so that Obama had a platform from which to launch his meandering reply, Obama showed to all and sundry that once again, without his canned teleprompter gig, he’s disconnected and repetitive. This guy simply is not that good off the cuff… and when he gets off the cuff he gets out of there in a hurry.

The problem with lying is that every time you tell it it’s just a little less effective, and by now pretty much everyone except the hopeless Kool-Aid crew has, or is figuring out that, this thing is a vast smoke and mirrors snake oil. He’s a one man medicine show with plenty of Dr.Feelgood to pass around.

The problem with what he does is that he can never actually answer a direct question because if he told the truth he would have to say something like, ‘Hell yes, I’m raising taxes. I’m putting us farther in debt than all of the administrations in the history of this Republic combined. I’m going to tax you, your children and their children higher than any US government in history… and we’re going to curtail your freedoms in the process because we can’t have you making your own decisions. You might decide that you have a right to the labor of your hands or the intellectual property of your brain’.

We have one chance to stop this and turn it around… and would somebody please tell the damned dummies in the RNC to get their act together quick!! Or get out.
We’re not putting up with that weak-minded sort of sidewalk act any more.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010