Obama’s Sniveling About Patriots And The New Media Continues.

CBS news, in keeping with the lowest standards of television news journalism, standards as low as their ratings, pandered to Barack Hussein Obama and listened to his diatribe against American citizens, patriots who would dare to speak their minds regarding Obama’s multi-trillion dollar assault on our way of life, our laws and Constitution. He continued his rant with references to conservative television (Fox News), talk radio and the Conservative internet, what is commonly referred to as the ‘blogosphere’ (a name I’ve never really cottoned on to, for what has turned out to be a very potent outlet for the dissemination of information and opinion).

Morning Show co-host Harry Smith tossed more softballs than a pitching machine, his most poignant question was enough to put any Conservative Republican in stitches. When on the basketball court with Obama, Harry actually asked Obama if he ‘could go to his right’, referring to his shooting. Obama (a leftie, cough) said he could but he “prefers his left”. Really? We’d never have guessed, Harry.

Speaking of one of the reasons Congress severely needs to be cleaned like a moldy basement, Representative Hank Johnson (D) Georgia replaced that intellectual giant Cynthia McKinney. When referring to the number of military personnel on the central Pacific island of Guam, the Representative spoke of his concern that the island would overturn like a boat with too many people in it. He stated that the island was 7 miles long and 7 miles wide (it’s 30 miles long by from 4 to 12 miles wide).

Guam is one of our most important Pacific bases and was the scene of some of the most brutal fighting of the war between the US Marines and the forces of Imperial Japan. Fortunately for the Representative’s peace of mind, Admiral Robert Willard, Commander of the US Pacific Fleet, was present to assure the Representative that this was ‘unlikely to happen’. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

The DeMarxists’ goon tactics were in full bloom during the Patriot Rally in Searchlight, Nevada. About 30 members of IBEW showed up just in time for Andrew Breitbart to catch them on video throwing eggs at the ‘tea party express’ buses. One of the ‘gentlemen’ threatened Andrew and his camera crew with physical harm. Andrew also upped his offer for anyone who could come up with a video or audio of those two black Representatives, who claimed to be the victims of spitting and racial epitaphs from Conservative patriots at the Capitol rally during the health care voting, from 10,000 to 100,000 dollars. There have been no takers. That’s because they don’t exist. The claims, like the two gentlemen involved, are as phoney as a three dollar bill.
We need to be constantly mindful of who and what we are dealing with.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010