Obama And The Fish Market Trail – Herring For Sale.

If it walks like a duck and looks like a duck, if it has webbed feet like a duck… chances are it’s not a lobster. At Barack’s friendly fish market, things aren’t very fresh, especially downwind from his magnanimous, friendly, energy offshore drilling pronouncement.

If it looks like week old fish, if it smells like week old fish… Has anyone stopped to wonder why Barack (I intend to destroy the coal industry) Obama would ’suddenly’ have an epiphany about offshore drilling, or any drilling for that matter? Interior Department head Ken Salazar had frozen all oil and natural gas exploration permits for the entire continental United States and Alaska at the express instructions of his boss.

The amount of area that Obama is talking about opening for drilling is infinitesimally small in relationship to the known and suspected reserves that are awaiting, not only offshore but here in the continental United States itself as well as Alaska. Petroleum geologists believe that there is enough oil and gas to last this country for the next 100 years, plenty of time to experiment and develop the next generations of energy technology, and no, I’m not referring to solar or wind power. They are simply another green phantom being thrown out there by the left and will never be a significant source of energy.

Obama is playing the fool’s gambit, using the dangling promise of domestic energy production to entice some foolish RINO Republicans, like Olympia Snowe and the ever compliant and utterly disgusting Lindsey Graham, to sign on to a ‘bi-partisan energy’ policy while Salazar and his department drag their feet with one bureaucratic stall after another.

Then when, at long last, if and when the permits are ever issued, the second line of defense to whom Obama and the administration stooges are totally in accord, the zero progress, zero growth flat earth enviro-nazis, will bring lawsuit after lawsuit ad infinitum and the leftist federal courts will haul their water for them.

Meanwhile, back at the zoo, the EPA is even now beginning to implement the stalled cap and tax carbon mandates that the DeMarxists were unable to get through the Congress. As if our already staggering economy were not in enough trouble, this onerous and absolutely unnecessary dictum will crush whatever life is left out of our economy.

What our minorities in the House and Senate can do.
We can refuse to fund this nonsense. We can object to and filibuster every single funding item that comes to the Congress from the 3,000 page health monstrosity. We can hold it up and cripple it while simultaneously working to retire as many of our esteemed DeMarxist comrades as possible, and the way things are shaping up, it’s going to be a whole bunch.

God willing, when we gain the leadership in the House and Senate again, one of the first things we should do is to pull the fangs of the EPA once and for all. This detestable unelected dictatorship must go.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010