Obama The Lightweight Lightfoots Around Patriot Movement.

As usual, the Associated Press gets it all upside down and purposely wrong. When I was in broadcasting years ago, the AP was a mainstay in news reliability and journalistic integrity. The first source I would head for in a breaking news environment would be the AP wire machine. My, how times have changed.

Today, AP wrote that our ‘I wanna be just like Hugo Chavez’ President was said to be stepping lightly around the subject of the Patriot Movement, what the ever-lame statist press loves to call the ‘Tea Partiers’, with that condescending smarmy tone they love to use. Then they state that the Republican Party wants to co-opt our ‘passion and our votes’.

If they did ten minutes research with any source other than the Washington Post, they’d know that the Republican party is co-opting nothing. They are falling in line behind the conservative patriot movement as fast as they can. The ‘new’ Republican leadership, which we have seen emerging from the battle over health care, are well aware that this is not the haphazard gathering of disgruntled voters that the left is so wont to portray. It’s a huge groundswell which is growing and gaining ground daily. Any movement that can produce twenty to thirty thousand people at the Capitol, virtually on an overnight notice such as occurred over the weekend of the health care voting, is one which has considerable clout.

Barack Hussein Obama was very circumspect in taking shots at the Patriots, though he tried to characterize the supposed ‘core’ of the patriot movement as being ‘on the fringe’. That’s funny. The Patriot Movement as a whole views Obama, his administration, and that whole whacked out De-Marxist Congress as being far more than ‘fringe’. We view him and them as being irretrievably over the edge.
They’ll find out just how much in November, as more and more Democrat dominoes fall over.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010