Enemy To Our Friends, Friend To Our Enemies.

Barack Hussein Obama’s latest perfidy, among many, is in threatening our South Korean allies about retaliation against North Korea, for what (now that the lies are clearing) looks like the torpedoing of a South Korean Naval vessel in South Korean waters by the North Koreans. Fifty eight out of a crew of one hundred and four were reported as having been rescued. There were no confirmed reports of missing and dead as of this writing.

The South Korean Naval Ship ‘Cheonan’

Sources in Washington reported that Obama moved quickly to run interference for the North Koreans. The war with the North has never really ended for the South with the cessation of hostilities in 1953. The border between the two countries at the ‘demilitarized zone’ is heavily fortified and has seen many incidents of provocation and infiltration of agents from the north over the years. On May 27, 2009, North Korea once again declared that a state of war existed between the two countries.

Obama’s interference is developing into a disturbing pattern of using US influence to interfere in our allies internal defense policies, while pandering appeasement to ruthless dictatorships around the globe. Obama’s most recent shameful treatment of Israel’s Prime Minister should have been, and was, considered by Israel to be a mortal insult. Further, Obama ordered that a shipment of advanced J-DAM deep penetrating bunker-buster bombs be turned around at Diego Garcia.

The Obama administration, far from supporting Israel against Iran and her mortal enemies on the East Bank, Hizballah in Lebanon and Syria, is actually supporting them against our greatest ally in the middle-east. There’s no other way to look at it.

There was an incursion into Israeli territory by Hamas which took the lives of two Israeli IDF members, followed by an intense fire-fight. In addition, reports of Pakistani and Iraqi Al-Qaeda infiltrating through tunnels have introduced the Taliban tactic of attacking from motorcycles using rocket propelled grenades. Israel’s enemies are ginning up the ante, perhaps in a test of Israel’s resolve.

Though most of Congress and the country at large are strong supporters of the State of Israel, Obama, his administration and his State Department must be considered to be antithetical to the best interests of Israel, Korea, and our own country for that matter.
It’s a sad and frightening circumstance when the supposed leader of the free world is behaving like anything but.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010