Bring It On! The Marxist-In-Chief Declares War On The American People.

Barack Hussein Obama has set himself and his party clearly against the great majority of the American people. I’m trying to make up my mind if it’s supreme hubris, stupidity or just ineptitude that would lead Obama to say something sure to inflame an already raging populace. Given there is some very serious and growing resistance to his agenda, you’d think he’d tone down the rhetoric somewhat.

It seems that now that the left is ginning up as much anti-patriot sentiment as they think we will swallow, they feel safe in throwing down the gauntlet. They’ll get all the resistance they can handle and more come November.

Eric Cantor

A word to the new Conservative Republican leadership. Do not allow the DeMarxist agitprop machine get ahead of us on this issue of all the ‘hate’ messages supposedly put out against the Congressional Democrats, though someone put a bullet through a window at Eric Cantor’s campaign offices. We can safely assume that that one wasn’t one of ours. The left pulls this crap all the time. Time after time our leadership has ceded the ground to them. They have to be called on their stuff… each and every time.

They pulled it with the Clinton administration and their ghost war against ‘the militias’, and because no one had the courage to call them on it a runaway Justice Dept. under an alcoholic predatory lesbian, Janet Reno, resulted in Ruby Ridge and the murders of three innocent people. Let us not forget the out and out ‘war’ waged against helpless women and children at Waco, Texas in the Branch Davidian debacle, resulting in the deaths of eighty American citizens in order to get one man.

This is what can happen if you, as our leaders, don’t make yourselves heard loud and clear. If anyone thinks there’s ten cents worth of difference between Janet Reno and Eric Holder in ruthlessness at pursuing the leftist agenda, there are still some leftover Madoff securities out there for you.

Another thing…there are some pseudo Conservatives who would attach themselves to the ‘Tea Party’ Patriot movement. We need to seek these people out and expose them. The last thing we need are more RINOs out there to sabotage the Conservative message.

Another issue which is likely to loom large in this next election cycle, and more so in 2012, will be that of ‘open primaries’. Local and state party leaders of states that allow for open primary elections should work to close them as soon as possible, lest we see a repeat of 2008 and the Democrat crossover voting which gave us John McCain, whose RINO baggage crippled a presidential bid which was already in severe trouble for Conservatives and Independents who were disillusioned by George Bush’s big government Republicans and their profligate spending.

The time for talking about what has or has not occurred in the Congress is over and we must focus on cleaning these clowns’ clocks in November. Time enough to remember who they are and how they voted as we remove them from office.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010