Washington, Ignore The American People At your Peril!

Stupak folds on a ‘promise’ from Obama for an executive order preventing federal funding for abortions. Start counting the remaining days in your tenure, Representative Stupak. Your constituents will know exactly what you did and exactly who you are. If you think that a Barack Obama who has yet to speak a word of truth will keep his word… I have some Madoff securities for you.

Stupak Announces His Yes Vote

An executive order can be reversed with a phone call as this one undoubtedly will. How does it feel to be responsible for the murders of possibly millions of unborn children, most of whom will come from minority families? Margaret Sanger would be proud of you.

It looks like the vote will pass, though the Senate will have plenty to say about it before things are said and done. Nancy Pelosi has just condemned many of her party, including herself, to an ignominious retirement. The Democrats can back-slap and congratulate themselves all they want, but what it really amounts to is a funeral dirge as over seventy percent of the American people are dead set against this bill, along with a historically united and rejuvenated conservative Republican party.

In the upcoming days we will learn more about the backroom deal making. The recipients of those deals can first kiss their Congressional careers goodbye and then watch their promised cushy appointments being brought to the light of day in the Senate and blocked. Conservatives, the ‘new’ face of the Conservative Republican party, and the bulk of the population of this country have now been welded into a united front. Democrats fresh from the vote euphoria, however brief, are now going to start frantically covering their tracks, or try to.

Too late, the vote count is official and no amount of Politburo doublespeak will keep the American people from casting you from office and wiping your dust from beneath our feet. We will do whatever we have to do, however long it takes, to reverse this unconstitutional and immoral legislation. Like many historical enemies of this country, you have badly underestimated the American people.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010