Red Alert! Patriots Flood The Capital. Despite MSM Press, They Don’t Have The Votes.

There are tens of thousands of American citizens vectoring in on the Capitol for a rally Saturday, followed by visits to the Congress cretins’ lairs where presumably no too few Representatives and Senators will be cowering in their inner offices, or perhaps the gym shower?

Citizens are asking some very pointed questions. The country is aroused as never before, as the leftist Congress lock steps its way to a precipice from which it cannot return at the behest of their Marxist ideologue.

President Obama, fresh from having his clock cleaned by Fox News’ Bret Baier, went straight to George Mason University where he continued his rant against the insurance companies in front of another picked audience.

Meanwhile on the hill, the atmosphere is reaching fever pitch with claims and counter claims flying through the statist press.

John Boehner

House Republican Leader John Boehner mailed a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, requesting that ‘every member stand in front of the American people and explain their vote in a roll call vote per House of Representatives rule XX, clause 2 and 3.’

Putting the lie to Obama stating that the stimulus and jobs bills will enable corporations to re-hire laid off employees, Caterpillar Corporation announced more layoffs and laid off 22,000 people last month. Caterpillar CEO Jim Owens said there will be more layoffs before there would be any hiring. Owens said the pending health care legislation would increase his health care costs by over 100 million dollars the first year alone.

Tom Coburn

Senator Tom Coburn had a stark promise for Democrats who sold their votes for promises of federal appointments or jobs if they vote yes and are bounced out of office by their constituents. He warned that their appointments would have to come in front of the Senate and that ‘they would have to explain their votes to the American people’. “They would certainly be held” he said, referring to any jobs or appointments.

Budget expert James Capretta stated that the CBO analysis gives a false 10 year projection over the first full 10 years of implementation. The real cost of the new entitlement spending would reach 2.5 trillion dollars. This figure agrees with analysis from other sources.

Keep up the calls, emails, faxes and visits… the Capitol has been receiving 500,000 calls per day… this says nothing about hundreds of thousands of emails and faxes.

Keep up the great work! HOO-RAH!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Tell key Congressmen listed below to vote no. Fax, call and even personally visit each in their local offices, or their offices in Washington DC:

PLEASE CALL!    DC Office      Local Office      State     District

Harry Mitchell (202) 225-2190 (480) 946-2411 AZ 5th District

Gabrielle Giffords (202) 225-2542 (520) 881-3588 AZ 8th District

Ann Kirkpatrick (202) 225-2315 (928) 226-6914 AZ 1st District

Jerry McNerney (202) 225-1947 925-833-0643 CA 11th District

John Salazar 202-225-4761 970-245-7107 CO 3rd District

Jim Himes (202) 225-5541 (866) 453-0028 CT 4th District

Alan Grayson (202) 225-2176 (407) 841-1757 FL 8th District

Bill Foster (202) 225-2976 630-406-1114 IL 14th District

Baron Hill 202 225 5315 812 288 3999 IN 9th District

Mark Schauer (202) 225-6276 (517) 780-9075 MI 7th District

Gary Peters (202) 225-5802 (248) 273-4227 MI 9th District

Dina Titus (202) 225-3252 702-256-DINA (3462) NV 3rd District

Carol Shea-Porter (202) 225-5456 (603) 743-4813 NH 1st District

Tim Bishop (202) 225-3868 (631) 696-6500 NY 1st District

John Hall (202) 225-5441 (845) 225-3641 x49371 NY 19th District

Bill Owens (202) 225-4611 (315) 782-3150 NY 23rd District

Mike Arcuri (202)225-3665 (315)793-8146 NY 24th District

Dan Maffei (202) 225-3701 (315) 423-5657 NY 25th District

Earl Pomeroy (202) 225-2611 (701) 224-0355 ND At-Large District

Steven Driehaus (202) 225-2216 (513) 684-2723 OH 1st District

Mary Jo Kilroy (202) 225-2015 (614) 294-2196 OH 15th District

Zach Space (202) 225-6265 (330) 364-4300 OH 18th District

Kathy Dahlkemper (202) 225-5406 (814) 456-2038 PA 3rd District

Patrick Murphy (202) 225-4276 (215) 826-1963 PA 8th District

Christopher Carney (202) 225-3731 (570) 585-9988 PA 10th District

Paul Kanjorski (202) 225-6511 (570) 825-2200 PA 11th District

John Spratt (202) 225-5501 (803)327-1114 SC 5th District

Tom Perriello (202) 225-4711 (276) 656-2291 VA 5th District

Alan Mollohan (202) 225-4172 (304) 623-4422 WVA 1st District

Nick Rahall (202) 225-3452 (304) 252-5000 WVA 3rd District

Steve Kagen (202) 225-5665 (920) 437-1954 WI 8th District