Trillions Of Dollars – The Money They Are Hiding.

It’s a new chapter in the daily soap opera that has become Obama’s headlong rush to entrap seventeen percent of the national economy. It’s right out of Marx. Nothing is what it seems and nothing the Democrat Congress says will hold up to scrutiny. They lie with numbers faster than they lie about facts, if that’s possible.

Obama’s Fox News interview with Bret Baier was an exercise in slip-slide away… with Obama doing the slip-sliding and Baier trying to nail him down to a real answer… about anything. But, true to form, the prevaricator-in-chief spouted frayed talking points while totally ignoring substantive answers to anything Baier asked. The result was an Obama constantly on the defensive and showing flashes of anger and frustration, while Baier remained remarkably cool throughout.

Baier and Obama

The lame stream media predictably castigated Bret Baier and Fox News for ‘being cruel and disrespectful’ to the President while overlooking the obvious. That this is the first time any news outlet or reporter has attempted to do anything but grovel before Obama’s magnificence. If even one of these so-called news outlets had done their job to start with, we would have known a lot more about the real Obama. They sold out whatever claim they had to journalistic integrity long ago. The very fact that Obama was willing to go on Fox News, a venue he admittedly detests, is a measure of his desperation.

The CBO has just released the latest version (one of many) of the health care legislation and no one on the Democrat side of the aisle is jumping for joy, as this ‘latest’ bundle of joy is sixty nine billion dollars fatter than the last one. It strips even more dollars from Medicare and Medicare Advantage and raises even more taxes on the backs of the American people.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid apparently think that Americans are going to be deceived into thinking that a ten year projected cost of 940 billion dollars isn’t a trillion dollars, less a little change. The real truth of the situation is that they’ve done their math using methods that would get any senior executive thrown in jail in the private sector. They have used accounting methods that would make Bernie Madoff proud. The true ten year cost of the bill, according to the Heritage Foundation, is more like two point four trillion dollars.

Rush has called for a Fed-Ex express on the Capitol. There are thousands of Patriots heading towards the Capitol as I write this. Please continue your efforts to call, and call again and again… fax, email and write. It ain’t over until it’s over and then there will just be another battle over the next hill. We won’t ever quit… this is our country and we won’t give it up. God Bless America!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Tell key Congressmen listed below to vote no. Fax, call and even personally visit each in their local offices, or their offices in Washington DC:

PLEASE CALL!   DC Office   Local Office      State    District
Harry Mitchell (202) 225-2190 (480) 946-2411 AZ 5th District
Gabrielle Giffords (202) 225-2542 (520) 881-3588 AZ 8th District
Ann Kirkpatrick (202) 225-2315 (928) 226-6914 AZ 1st District
Jerry McNerney (202) 225-1947 925-833-0643 CA 11th District
John Salazar 202-225-4761 970-245-7107 CO 3rd District
Jim Himes (202) 225-5541 (866) 453-0028 CT 4th District
Alan Grayson (202) 225-2176 (407) 841-1757 FL 8th District
Bill Foster (202) 225-2976 630-406-1114 IL 14th District
Baron Hill 202 225 5315 812 288 3999 IN 9th District
Mark Schauer (202) 225-6276 (517) 780-9075 MI 7th District
Gary Peters (202) 225-5802 (248) 273-4227 MI 9th District
Dina Titus (202) 225-3252 702-256-DINA (3462) NV 3rd District
Carol Shea-Porter (202) 225-5456 (603) 743-4813 NH 1st District
Tim Bishop (202) 225-3868 (631) 696-6500 NY 1st District
John Hall (202) 225-5441 (845) 225-3641 x49371 NY 19th District
Bill Owens (202) 225-4611 (315) 782-3150 NY 23rd District
Mike Arcuri (202)225-3665 (315)793-8146 NY 24th District
Dan Maffei (202) 225-3701 (315) 423-5657 NY 25th District
Earl Pomeroy (202) 225-2611 (701) 224-0355 ND At-Large District
Steven Driehaus (202) 225-2216 (513) 684-2723 OH 1st District
Mary Jo Kilroy (202) 225-2015 (614) 294-2196 OH 15th District
Zach Space (202) 225-6265 (330) 364-4300 OH 18th District
Kathy Dahlkemper (202) 225-5406 (814) 456-2038 PA 3rd District
Patrick Murphy (202) 225-4276 (215) 826-1963 PA 8th District
Christopher Carney (202) 225-3731 (570) 585-9988 PA 10th District
Paul Kanjorski (202) 225-6511 (570) 825-2200 PA 11th District
John Spratt (202) 225-5501 (803)327-1114 SC 5th District
Tom Perriello (202) 225-4711 (276) 656-2291 VA 5th District
Alan Mollohan (202) 225-4172 (304) 623-4422 WVA 1st District
Nick Rahall (202) 225-3452 (304) 252-5000 WVA 3rd District
Steve Kagen (202) 225-5665 (920) 437-1954 WI 8th District