Monomania? Obama’s Increasingly Schitzoid World.

Obama’s world view has room for few things in it other than himself. He came into office with a whole series of puzzling dichotomies orbiting around his condescending head. From “the sweetest sound I ever heard was the sound of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayers in the evening” to “my muslim faith”, (George Stephanopoulos quickly stepping in and saving Obama with “Your Christian faith?”). Obama: “My Christian faith”.
Obama: “I have always been a Christian”. Obama: “The United States is not a Christian nation”.

He wants to cut taxes for households who do not pay federal taxes and increase taxes on households who provide jobs for low income families who would then be able to pay federal taxes. He says he wants a ‘vigorous and open debate‘ and then runs at breakneck speed to avoid it. Obama claimed he never prayed in a mosque. The facts proved otherwise. He claimed he was never a proponent of single payer universal health care, despite video-taped evidence to the contrary.
He claims his remarks about ‘bitter’ Americans are taken out of context and then proceeds to repeat his attacks on gun owners, religious persons and an angry electorate with every reason to be angry.

He stated that his parents met at the Selma civil rights march. It happened four years after he was born. He claimed he never received money form big oil interests. He lied about that too.

Obama has a lot of mental baggage he carries around. One of the big problems with Obama is that he sees this country as some sort of overgrown third-world banana republic. He refuses to see this country for its universal exceptionalism. To do so would destroy everything he believes in. His core belief centers around an image of America and Americans that exists only in his egocentric world view, a world in which he is right and anything and anybody who dissents from that viewpoint is simply discarded. His globe-trotting apologist posturing before some of the planet’s most detestable tyrants says much about the lack of character of a man who denigrates the country which has not only nurtured him, but has improbably raised him to the highest office in the land.

His loyalties are divided… several times. His poorly denied devotion to the spirit of Islam colors everything about his dealings with world events. His philosophical sympathies follow the teachings of Alinsky, Marx and Lenin far more so than Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe or Lincoln. His commitment to this country, its constitution and its principles of freedom are problematic at best.

Divided loyalties make for really confused policy, foreign or domestic. His determination to advance a universally unpopular piece of legislation, despite the overwhelming disapproval of a virtually united electorate, without regard to the almost certain decimation of his party in the upcoming mid-term elections, is egomaniacal in the extreme.
Once again, who are you working for Barack Hussein Obama?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010