America:"Screw You!"; Obama:"I Want It Now!"

You could tell just as soon as his props started filing out, most likely low-level White House staffers in the obligatory white lab coats left over from the rose garden hoopla a while ago. You could tell by the overbearing look of arrogance on his face. You could tell from the first sentence out of his mouth that there wouldn’t be a word of truth or forthrightness coming out of him.

Rush, Hannity and Levin said much the same thing, that there was not one bit of truth, fact or substance in anything he said. This guy is not really a convincing liar, you’d have to have seriously bought into the whole Obama persona thing to swallow it.

Flashback: A Staffer Hands Out The Props.

In his hubris he demanded an up or down vote on the bill within weeks, indicating use of the reconciliation process for passage without calling it that. Facing uniform opposition from the GOP and not a few Democrats, Obama, like Nancy Pelosi on ABC Sunday, called for loyal Democrats to fall on their swords while acknowledging that the legislation wasn’t very popular, by saying that he ‘didn’t know where it was going politically’. Master of understatement! America overwhelmingly despises this bill and everything to do with it.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the legislation was vastly unpopular because the American people knew what the bill stood for and didn’t want it. He further said it represented a half a trillion dollars in Medicare cuts and a half a trillion dollars in tax increases. He said that in the first ten years it would create two point five trillion dollars in unfunded debt through new spending. He also made the point that the opposition to the bill was not between the Republicans and the Democrats, it was between the Democrats and the American people. He followed by saying that the price would be paid in November because the Democrats would not have this issue behind them, they would have it in front of them.

The desperation of the Obama administration is palpable. What they and most everyone else has ignored is that with every likelihood of a Republican takeover of Congress in 2010, Obama just as likely to be a one term President, with the Democrats setting the precedent for major legislation through reconciliation, anything they do pass could be just as easily dismantled.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get that far. Mark Levin has called for all his listeners to saturate Congress with their calls, faxes and emails. Let me add my urging to that. Everyone who reads this please get active. It’s our country, it’s your and your children’s freedoms. It’s the future of the free world.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010