Humbug – Obama Dog And Pony Phony.

Humbug is quaint Americana for something false, phony or underhanded.
President Obama was his usual arrogant self as he demonstrated bi-partisanship to the seventeen Congressional Republicans who attended his health care extravaganza.

Repeatedly interrupting Republican speakers and refuting factual representations made to him, the President’s idea of bi-partisanship comprised of one hundred and nineteen minutes of Obama-dominated campaign mode lecturing. The Washington Times stated he looked very professorial… a title he never held.

Republicans were held to a mere one hundred and ten minutes while the twenty one Democrats attending the meeting were allowed one hundred and fourteen minutes, during which they dredged up story after story of constituents medical woes in support of their boss, some of which stretched the imaginations of those present. It was the usual Democrat hysteria-inducing sob-story tactic we’ve all heard so many times before. You’d think they’d wise up to the fact that we’re on to it.

For the Republicans’ part they pretty much stuck to what they said they’d do, which was to stipulate that the entire piece of legislation should be scrapped and started over from scratch.

Eric Cantor with the 2,400 page Senate Health Care Bill.

Obama was also offended at Representative Eric Cantor (R) Virginia, for bringing the two thousand four hundred page health care bill to the meeting and prominently displaying the bill in front of him as he spoke. The President interrupted Republican speakers, refuting statements and giving somewhat unlikely anecdotes. At one point Obama got into a peeing match with Senator John McCain, where he petulantly quipped “We’re not campaigning here John”.

All in all, the Democrats not only didn’t cover themselves with glory, they looked pretty silly. The Democrats are trumpeting the use of the reconciliation process, since President Obama has said he wants an answer from the Republicans within six weeks, presumably giving Democrats enough time to see if they can come up with the requisite votes.

That’s not at all a done deal either, for all the Democrat bloviating.
Eric Cantor, the Minority House Whip, and his team have come up with some pretty solid calculations showing that the House Madame may only be able to come up with about 205 of the 217 votes she needs.
From your lips to God’s ears, Eric.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010