Obama’s OK Corral – Health Care’s Scorched Earth.

Once upon a time, people would feel the call to service in Washington D.C. with the good of the Republic and it’s people in mind. Somewhere along the line that call has been corrupted by the siren song of the money, power and influence that is the beltway. The heady balsams that pervade the atmosphere there can and will turn the heads of any but the strongest and most principled men and women.

We have been battered by wave after wave of successive administrations whose only answer to any problem has been to grow government. Government does nothing efficiently. It cannot feed or sustain itself. It produces nothing. It can only take, it cannot give. The federal government under Barack Hussein Obama is the Titanic shopping for it’s iceberg. When history reports on this recession it will say that it was engineered by insane fiscal policies put in place by a political party whose sole intent and purpose was the destruction of, and socialist takeover of, the country by Marxist ideologues.

Although the citizens of this country have repudiated every economic legislative move by this leftist President and Congress, they continue to meet behind closed doors in one effort after another to suborn the will of the electorate. Having watched his ‘health care’ initiative fall apart in the House and Senate, Obama now has ‘called’ for Republicans to bring their ideas to the table on February 25, while he is scheming even now with Pelosi and Reid to bring the bill up for reconciliation.

Republicans are wise to his game and will not give him the cover he’s looking for. Letters and calls to the ‘Bluedogs’ should have a profound effect right now, especially in the Senate where the Democrats MUST come up with 51 votes to make reconciliation possible. These “Bluedog” Democrats and not a few others on the other side have been sounding decidedly conservative recently. And no small wonder! The country is rising up all around them and literally taking their heads off.

I think many of them know that this is their last hoorah and if they are seen to support this thing they are also seeing the ends of their political careers.
Nonetheless, there are lists of the Bluedogs all over the net, the House and Senate seats most at risk also…and there are a lot more now than there were two months ago. Who’d a thunk it?

CALL, WRITE, FAX, EMAIL or visit your Senators’ and Representatives’ offices if you can. Let them know that if they vote for this sickening garbage they will get a chance to see what unemployment is like for the 20 million or so Americans out of work.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010